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Herbal Supplementation to Reduce Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Unfortunately, there are many questions which still remain unanswered by modern medicine. Healing the body and restoring it to a balanced and stable state is not always possible. Take for example Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a condition which still awaits a proper explanation or treatment. Its origin is unknown and though numerous causes have been suggested,…

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Sports Performance Supplements Aren’t Just for Athletes Anymore

Long gone are the times when sports nutrition was solely the interest of professional athletes and bodybuilders. As a growing number of people seek to pursue a healthy lifestylе through exercise, sales of nutritional supplements that boost athletic performance have also increased. Statistics reveal some very encouraging figures about the growth of the sports nutrition…

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5 Trending Women’s Health Supplements That are Poised for Takeoff

As the supplement industry grows and consumers are continually educating themselves about the newest findings, certain trends emerge. Earlier this year, published their research about consumers’ engagement and which supplements had experienced the most growth over the previous year. The survey revealed that most respondents who took supplements were 45 or older and more…

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