Monthly Archives: May 2019

Why You Shouldn’t Make Peace With Aging

There’s a growing movement to encourage people – especially women – to “make peace” with aging. Well, I couldn’t disagree more. Too often, this making peace means being okay with sagging skin, aches and pains, and mental slowness. I just can’t accept that. What I can accept is that we have a limited number of…

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Staying Current: The 2019 Vitamins and Minerals Market Update

One of the things that are so exciting about the supplement and nutraceuticals industry is watching it blossom. A lot of people don’t remember this, but just a few years ago taking nutritional supplements wasn’t an everyday lifestyle practice for most people like it is today. According to one study looking at the results from…

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Study Demonstrates That Protein is Critical to Weight Loss and Maintenance

Do you feel as though your Customers are eating enough protein? The dieting industry changes at an astounding pace, and it’s only recently that protein-based diets have started to take center stage. Whether you’re a frustrated personal trainer who can see their Clients’ potential or you’re a health store owner who’s passionate about weight loss,…

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