Monthly Archives: November 2012

Nutraceutical Market Continues To Boom – It’s Your Turn To Find Success!

The results are in! As the end of the year looms closer, consumer reports are proving how the ever-growing demand for Nutraceuticals has created a booming market. Experts project that in just a few years, the multimillion dollar industry will take a leap past the billion-dollar mark. Between dietary, probiotic, sports, heart and joint health,…

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Why Are Labels So Important?

It is no new news that people are more likely to check out store brands. So, if you don’t offer private label, how are you capturing these shoppers in your store? Due to economic concerns, sales of private label have been very strong for the past few years. We are very proud to offer quality…

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Protect Yourself this Season

Fall has finally approached us, and with the cold weather drawing near, common colds are on the rise. Protect yourself with the right supplements. One of our favorite wonder supplements is Echinacea. Some of Echinacea’s many benefits include: Minimizing symptoms of the common cold, Reduces symptoms of recurring genital herpes and helps prevent UTI’s, Eases…

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