Are You Purchasing the Best Private Label Dog Soft Chew or Treat for Your Brand?

As a kid, I can remember my mom parking on the curb at the grocery store while I ran into the store to pick up a red and white box of Milk Bone Dog Biscuits. Can you think back to when they were the only choice on the shelf for dog treats? No liner in the box, only one size box and flavor available. At that time, we didn’t even know what Soft Chews, Dental Sticks, Chewy Treats, Freeze Dried Protein, Baked Treats, Jerky Strips, and Deer Antler Bones (and I could go on) even were!

Looking back, were we adding nutrition to our pets to help supplement their diets? Or were we wearing blinders by adding empty calories to their diets?  It turns out it was the latter, which resulted in unknowingly adding unhealthy weight to our dog’s frames, which gave way for additional product categories.  Product technology and variety have advanced significantly; leading those categories are Soft Chews and Treat for dogs. The enormous contributor to growth for Soft Chews and Treats comes from the private label sector.

There are brand options, and numerous flavors with many locations to make purchases. It’s a good thing the consumer, our very spoiled dogs, have adapted and expect a variety of flavors of their preferred Soft Chews as they are #1 category in this category. Soft Chews can be consumed during a dog’s meal, as an incentive for training, or as a bonding experience with their owners.

Whether you shop on Amazon, still enjoy walking down the treat aisle in your favorite pet store, or shop online on any of the many website choices to find a Baked or Chewy Treat, Biscuit, or array of Soft Chews, there are endless choices available. The question is, what exactly are you buying? Private Label Supplement can help you break down what the choices are and what they mean for your dog’s well being.

A handful of empty calories can do a lot of harm to your dog’s hips and joints long term when fed even a few times a week. And let’s face it, not too many of us follow the feed instructions on the packaging. Especially when we see those big, sweet, unconditional loving eyes staring at us, and their best tail wags going a mile a minute. So, it can be an innocent way to overfeed and cause premature aging to your dog, among other harmful issues to their bodies if you are not making informed buying choices when it comes to your dog’s in-between-meal consumption. We must be responsible for our dogs, starting with proper feeding as part of being a responsible pet owner.

This will ensure your dog is having the healthiest life possible as they are entirely dependant on their owners for their livelihood and quality of life.

Let’s start with Soft Chews; how many types are there, and do they differ from one another?

Extruded Soft Chews – Their distinct feature on the shelf is their “chewy texture.” The Extruded Soft Chew is baked at high heat to maintain the shape of the mold they baked in. Adding water, salt, and gumming agents create their texture. So, they must bake these ingredients added to the formula, much like you bake any other recipe in a kitchen like baked goods to create a finished texture and absorb the liquids. These ingredients also add more carbs and calories to the product.

The plus side is they are easy to package, and you often see them in stand-alone pouches or hanging off a store shelf. The downside is mold and yeast development during product usage or when stored in warmer temperatures due to the ingredients mentioned above. These can be harmful and promote product waste. They also tend to lose ingredient potency when baking at high heat, and therefore, you defeat the effort of using high quality, nutritious ingredients for your dogs. So, you are paying a premium for quality that no longer is present at its fullest potential.

There are several levels of extrusion, primarily based on the amount of heat used during the manufacturing process and the added ingredients used. Sometimes a pet manufacturer will even refer to baked Soft Chews as a cold-formed extrusion soft chew. It is all a manner of terminology and playing the marketing game.

At Private Label Supplement, we do just the opposite process in formulating our Healthy Rewards Soft Chews for Dogs private label collection, and more formulas are found here on our sister website. We maintain our focus on the nutrient value of the end product from the start of a formulation through packaging and consumer consumption. Even if that means we need to add a few extra Soft Chews in our jar to ensure, our product is packed to perfection to avoid breakage. Private Label Supplement would prefer to sway on this end of the speculum than see the breakage of the product once our consumer receives their product. We have looked at every single detail to ensure our consumers receive quality and consistency on every batch and the formula they receive.

Our Baked Soft Chews maintain a no heat, waterless production process to maintain ingredient integrity in the finished product. And avoid mold and yeast. This concern can occur once the product packaging has opened for use; however, it is not of concern with our unique manufacturing process—another example of how we have overcome obstacles for our consumers.

We use as many nutritionally valuable ingredients possible when formulating our private label Soft Chews to prolong the years we have with our pets. Not only that, we always opt for the best form of those ingredients. An example would be Glucosamine HCl (30% more concentrated that Glucosamine Sulfate). We use this ingredient in our #1 selling Soft Chew Healthy Reward Hip & Joint Care Soft Chew, and it comes in 4 different bottle counts ranging from 60 -180 Chews.

Some Top Selling Soft Chew Formulas are Below:

Healthy Reward Private Label Multi-Function 11 in 1 + Soft Chew

Healthy Reward Private Label Super Multi-Function 15 in 1 + Soft Chew

Healthy Reward Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil Soft Chew

Healthy Reward Hip and Hemp Soft Chew

Healthy Reward Organic Turmeric Antioxidant Hip & Joint Soft Chew

Healthy Reward Pre & Probiotic + Enzyme Digestive Soft Chew

Healthy Reward Advanced Calming Soft Chew with Organic Hemp Protein

Healthy Reward Calming Soft Chew

Healthy Reward Omega, Skin & Coat Soft Chew

Private Label Supplement’s Soft Chews are currently available in 17 different Natural Flavors:

First Tier: Chicken, Bacon, Turkey, Salmon, Duck, Vegetable, Coconut (NEW), Vegetable Beef, Sprayed Dried Duck & Pea.

Premium Tier: Cheese, Peanut Butter, Beef Liver, Carob, Catnip, Licorice, Maple.

Customize your flavor by combining any two-three variations or use one its own. We currently have 13 different stock formulas, which equates to 221 different products at your fingertips. Or you can create your custom formula as well.

The statistics show it’s an incredible growth opportunity just waiting for you to create your own private label Soft Chews under your brand name. Private Label Supplement has the resources to help you step by step.

Private Label Baked Soft Chews

Don’t be fooled by other options out there that are extremely tasty but not nearly as nutritious as our Private Label Baked Soft Chews for a dog such as:

  • Chewy Treats – comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. More for fun than nutrition. Dogs love them as they ooze with their aroma of choice, which draws them in, and they must not disappoint because if they like the flavor, their drool says it all.
  • Baked Treats – also comes in all shapes and sizes. Here you have more flexibility with capped nutritional value, grain-free, and flavor options. But again, due to the temperature needed to acquire the shape and crunch, it diminishes the value nutrient added to the product. But, dogs love the crunch and flavor!
  • Freeze Dried Proteins – don’t get confused here as this is not a treat; this is used as a raw meat topper to dry food to add grain-free protein to your dog’s kibble.
  • Biscuits – shaped like the traditional bone and yes, Milk Bone still reigns as #1, why change a good thing? Aside from not having nutritional value, they do occupy your dog’s time for a few seconds, at least.
  • Jerky – straight forward here; Except we recommend seeking one that is Made in the USA of US and NO Imported Ingredients. Jerky is a single ingredient product – Chicken, Beef, Bison, and even Salmon. Having your dog eat protein straight from the US is very important when it comes to jerky. The price difference far outweighs the quality. And always look carefully to ensure you are not receiving a bag of gristle. If buying online, test a bag, and then stick with that brand. Dogs will choke on gristle, and with how fast they eat these sticks, you want to either hand feed or stay on-site to avoid choking issues.
  • Frosted Cookies – frequently more of a delicacy – Often hand-decorated and individually wrapped and located near the checkout at brick and mortar stores. Be careful not to eat them yourselves! Many companies have become quite skilled in their designs and creativity. Not usually a nutritious treat, but when are frosted cookies good for you?

 So, as you can see, there are many choices out there, and we have access to all of them. But, at #privatelabelsupplement, we always come back to what we have to offer – Healthy Rewards Soft Chew CollectionThe private label dog, Soft Chew market, is growing substantially; so much so, it will show gains at the rate of high double digits for the next five years incrementally. Now is the time to take the step and join in on a business where you can obtain a return on your investment from the comfort of your own home.

At Private Label Supplement, we have trained professionals to help you every step of the way to bringing your product to market and building a successful brand for years to come. We have the resources to support your business and the professional contacts to help ease growing pains and minimize the guess works on setting up a new business. StartUp TakeOff is our sister company, and we work in tandem with many professionals who can help you in your endeavor from every angle needed where we don’t address directly in our office.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Our sales line is 855-209-0225 Press 2 for US Sales and Press 3 for Int’ l Sales. Or you can Click Here, and we will respond within 24-48 hours.

All my best,
Stefani Thionnet
Stay focused and never give up!

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