The Basics: How to Sell Supplements on Amazon

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Offering your private label supplements on the Internet is a great way to strengthen your brand and leverage your sales. That’s a given. But there is more than one way to do it. In addition to having your own website, becoming an Amazon affiliate can also grant some unique benefits to your business.

Not everyone, however, can successfully sell supplements (or any other products for that matter) on Amazon. A number of people complain about posting their listings only to find that nobody contacts them. Here’s how to avoid that and get your sales up and running.

Read the Help Section

Amazon changesTo play the game well, know the rules first. Amazon has very specific policies for everything from shipping rates to product descriptions and pricing. Even if you have previous experience with e-commerce, Amazon varies from other online merchants, so read carefully before you start. Failure to comply with the rules may lead to a penalty or a permanent ban. Keep in mind that Amazon has access to your bank account for 90 days following a ban, so they can compensate buyers for any financial losses.

Develop your Brand Name

When Amazon shows product listings, they don’t try to emphasize the brand, and even less so – the seller. They show a product and then a list of offers by all the sellers so the customer can choose. But nothing stops you from becoming an established name by reaching out to your potential clients.

To do that, respond to all requests within 24 hours and answer all comments in the review section promptly. If a complaint has been resolved, you can politely ask the buyer to remove the negative feedback. Check your ratings regularly in the “Reports” section and keep a rating of 99% positive or above. Anything less than that will jeopardize your business’ success.

Register for Amazon Selling Coach

Amazon Selling Coach (available only for the Professional selling plan) is a great service aimed at boosting your sales. If you register for it, you will receive notification on a number of areas in which you can improve and be more successful. For example, through analyzing your selling records, Amazon will give you tips on which of your supplements you might run out of, so you can restock on time.

When there’s an increased client interest in a certain product, you will be notified, so you can reap the benefits.

Sell your Supplements Globally

It’s not always easy to sell products abroad. You need a network of suppliers and merchants and you must conform to a number of regulations specific to each country. Amazon makes it all easier with their Amazon Global Selling service. It lets you offer your supplements on a total of 8 other Amazon websites.

Amazon lets you choose whether you want to ship your orders yourself or use their fulfillment services, which is really convenient (and usually cost-saving) as they already have established connections with shippers, brokers and forwarders in each place of operation. If you choose Fulfillment by Amazon, some of your products may qualify for free shipping.

The platform also provides you with reports about your business and gives you tips on leveraging sales, together with resources and tutorials.

Promote your products

Amazon is the largest e-commerce platform in the world, but it doesn’t hurt to give your supplements an extra push. You can create a blog where you write about supplements and link back to your Amazon account or insert Amazon’s “Buy Now” button at the end. You can also promote via Facebook, Twitter or an email list. Just be careful not to appear spammy. Pinterest is an especially suitable social media outlet for promoting your Amazon supplements because of the rich visual content.

If certain products have been enjoying extra popularity, you can feature them as bestsellers on Amazon’s page dedicated to this purpose. Buyers are often swayed by something labelled as a bestseller.

Monitor your quantities

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Just as if you were selling at a regular storefront, stocking up on sufficient quantities is important when selling on Amazon too. Customers find it annoying when they place an order, only to be notified later that quantities have run out. It’s a simple mistake you can avoid by checking your inventory every day.

Our high quality Private Label Supplements will guarantee your success on Amazon. Learn more and get your inventory plan in place today by calling our Sales Manager Danny at 855-209-0225 ext. 1010 or emailing him at

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