Are Private Label Gummies a Trick Treat or Truly Supplements?

Private Label Supplement was slow to join the private label gummy supplements and vitamins category, but we went all in and did our homework when we were ready. Now we are ready to go and invite you to join us. Private Label Supplement is confident you will agree; private label gummies may be a treat, and depending on the product, a supplement or vitamin, but they are certainly not a trick. It took us a while to form this conclusion.

Market states that total Gummy Market sales will exceed $42.1 billion by 2028. In 2021, sales jumped by 23% to reach $2.63 billion. With statistics like these, who wouldn’t add gummies to their brand?

This category brings the fun factor into marketing while the ingredients appeal to any sector you want them to. Kids love to eat them, but they are great for all ages based on the ability to use any ingredients. Some formulas require you to follow the directions for use absolutely, and others provide some leeway to sneak a few extra. It is best to seek your physician’s recommendations as you would with any supplement or vitamin combined with other medication you are taking. We also provide you the opportunity to customize bottle counts by formula. See our entire Gummy Collection here.

Highlights of Our Gummy Collection:

  • Over 30 Stock Formulas – Ship Once Labels in Hand (Average 2-3 weeks)
  • Low MOQ’s – We Want to Help You Create a Full Line Fast
  • We Do Custom Formulas
  • You Customize Bottle Counts
  • Clear Bottles, White Lids (CRC Lids available)
  • For All Ages
  • Consistent, High Quality
  • GMP Certified/FDA Registered Facility

If not an entire line, start by adding to an existing category, Apple Cider Vinegar Complex Private Label Gummy for Keto Weight Management and Weight Loss. This formula has been an instant hit and a top seller on Amazon. As you will see on our website, it combines the maximum amount of Apple Cider Vinegar, Beet Root Powder, and Pomegranate. Additionally, we blended potent vitamins to work synergistically on weight loss efforts and increase energy levels while supporting overall good health.

This formula gained immediate traction, perhaps because it spans several of our most popular categories and types, the strongest being Hair Health and Skin Health. The formula also combines three powerful vitamins – Biotin (also known as Vitamin B7), Vitamin C, and Vitamin E making a highly effective private label gummy vitamin – named by Private Label Supplement as Hair Skin and Nails Private Label Gummy.

private label gummies Studies show Biotin minimizes hair loss by acting as the most robust DHT blocker. Studies have also shown that Biotin helps to strengthen brittle fingernails and toenails with the added help of Vitamin C. Partnering with Vitamin E helps promote skin radiance and the overall look of healthy skin. These are only a few of the combined benefits of these powerful antioxidants.

There are so many products I would like to share with you. And much more detail to get into. But, for now, will touch on one we named Beauty & Bones Private Label Gummy. If you are anything like me, you would like to know the why. After developing formulas and starting to oversee products going live on our website, part of the final step is naming products even though we don’t sell our own products as we don’t want to compete with our own Clients (another commitment we made over 10+ years ago when we started this business).

During market research, the term “unisex” surfaced around this ingredient cluster. I feel this is a misrepresentation. However, the definition according to Webster’s is “suitable or designed for both males and females.” to me, that equates to when Calvin Klein launched that fragrance years ago called CK2. It was one fragrance suited for everyone. It is still prevalent.

In this case, there is one set of ingredients, but the ingredients can be used for different things, as many combined ingredients are used synergistically. It all depends on how the own label distributor (brand owner or private labeler) intends to market the product. Since this grouping has such distinct differences, it has been labeled unisex, which goes against the FDA labeling guidelines. They state the name of the product and must describe what the contents are intended to be used for. So, the name must say what it does. And, if you name it with essential ingredients and then market it as unisex, isn’t that confusing?

There are 5 types of Collagens, Biotin, Vitamin C & E, and Zinc. In short, this formulation’s benefits may help improve the overall look and feel of the skin, and bone health may improve with continued use. So, depending on the target audience, both men and women may be interested in both benefits, leaning toward sports repair and rebuilding collagen or only one. But it is not a singular beneficial product. So, we stand on it not being called a unisex product in the name of the labeling guidelines. However, Read More, and we are always happy to discuss once we get to the point of labeling in our process.

Here is the link to our product inquiry form as well. You can also use this for a custom formula if you would like to create your own Gummy formula.

Contact our Sales Manager at 855-209-0225 (US Press 2 for Sales) for more pricing information). We want to help you incorporate these new products into your supplement product line immediately. Our commitment remains the same: ensure the supply chain is fast and easy so you can market and sell private label products without worrying about quality and operations.

All my best,
Stefani Thionnet
Stay focused and never give up!

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