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Ingredient Glossary: O

Oak Bark
The bark from several types of oak trees.
Also known as: Common Oak, Corteza de Roble, Durmast Oak, Écorce de Chêne, Eichenrinde, English Oak, Pedunculate Oak, Quercus alba, Quercus Cortex, Quercus pedunculata, Quercus petraea, Quercus robur, Quercus sessiliflora, Sessile Oak, Stave Oak, Stone Oak, Tanner's Bark, Tanner's Oak, White Oak, White Oak Bark.
Oak Moss
The moss from a certain type of oak tree called Evernia prunastri.
Also known as: Ebernia Prunasti, Evernia prunastri, Lichen Oak Moss, Tree Moss.
A plant. The above ground pieces including the seed, leaves and stem and bran are used for medicine.
Also known as: Avena, Avena Fructus, Avena byzantina, Avena orientalis, Avena sativa, Avena volgensis, Avenae Herba, Avenae Stramentum, Avoine, Avoine Entière, Avoine Sauvage, Cereal Fiber, Dietary Fiber, Farine d'Avoine, Fibre Alimentaire, Fibre Céréalière, Fibre d'Avoine, Folle Avoine, Grain d'Avoine, Green Oat, Green Oat Grass, Groats, Gruau, Oat, Oat Bran, Oat Fiber, Oat Flour, Oat Fruit, Oat Grain, Oat Grass, Oat Herb, Oat Straw, Oat Tops, Oatstraw, Oatmeal, Oats, Paille, Paille d'Avoine, Porridge, Rolled Oats, Son d'Avoine, Straw, Whole Oat, Whole Oats, Wild Oat, Wild Oat Herb, Wild Oats Milky Seed.
A chemical found in a variety of plant sources.
Also known as: 1-Octacosanol, Hexacosanol (26-C), N-octacosanol, Octacosyl alcohol, Tetracosanol (24-C), Triacontanol (30-C).
A plant. The seeds and leaves are used for medicine.
Also known as: Adelfa, Baladre, Cascabela Thevetia, Cerbera Thevetia, Common Oleander, Exile Tree, Huang Hua Jia, Jia Zhu Tao, Kaner, Karvir, Karvira, Laurel Rosa, Laurier-Rose, Nerium Indicum, Nerium Oleander, Nerium Dorum, Oleanderblatter, Oleandri Folium, Rose Bay, Rose Laurel, Sweet Scented Oleander, Thevetia Neriifolia, Thevetia Peruviana, Yellow Oleander.
A tree. The oil from the fruit and seeds, water extracts of the fruit, and leaves are used for medicine.
Also known as: Common Olive, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Green Olive, Jaitun, Manzanilla Olive Fruit, Olive Leaf, Monounsaturated Fatty Acid, n-9 Fatty Acid, Oleae europaea, Oleae Folium, Olivae Oleum, Olive Fruit, Olive Fruit Pulp, Olive Oil, Olive Pulp, Olives, Olivo, Omega-9 Fatty Acids, Salad Oil, Sweet Oil, Unsaturated Fatty Acid, Virgin Olive Oil.
Omega-6 Fatty Acids
Types of fats.
Also known as: Acides Gras Essentiels N-6, Acides Gras Oméga-6, Acides Gras Omégas 6, Acides Gras Polyinsaturés, Acidos Grasos Omega 6, AGE, AGPI, Huiles d'Oméga 6, N-6, N-6 EFAs, N-6 Essential Fatty Acids, Omega 6, Omega-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, Omega 6 Oils, Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids, PUFAs.
A plant. The bulb is used to make medicine.
Also known as: Allii Cepae Bulbus, Allium cepa, Cebolla, Green Onion, Oignon, Onions, Palandu, Piyaj, Shallot.
Oolong Tea
A product made from the Camellia sinensis plant.
Also known as: Brown Tea, Camellia sinensis, Camellia thea, Camellia theifera, EGCG, Epigallo Catechin Gallate, Epigallocatechin Gallate, Té Oolong, Tea, Tea Oolong, Thé Oolong, Thea bohea, Thea sinensis, Thea viridis, Theaflavin, Wu Long, Wulong, Wu Long Tea, Wu-Long Tea, Wu Yi, Wuyi, Wuyi Oolong, Wuyi Tea, Wu Yi Wulong Tea.
Opium Antidote
A plant product. The leaf and stem of the plant Combretum micranthum are used for medicine.
Also known as: Antidote d'Opium, Combretum, Combretum micranthum, Jungle Weed.
Orchic Extract
Made from cattle testicles.
Also known as: Bovine Orchic Extract, Bovine Testicle Extract, Bull Balls Extract, Extracto Orchic, Extrait d'Orchic, Orchic, Orchic Concentrate, Orchic Factors, Orchic Substance.
A plant. The leaf is used to make medicine.
Also known as: Carvacrol, Dostenkraut, European Oregano, Huile d'Origan, Marjolaine Bâtarde, Marjolaine Sauvage, Marjolaine Vivace, Mediterranean Oregano, Mountain Mint, Oil of Oregano, Oregano Oil, Organy, Origan, Origan Européen, Origani Vulgaris Herba, Origano, Origanum, Origanum vulgare, Phytoprogestin, Thé Sauvage, Thym des Bergers, Wild Marjoram, Winter Marjoram, Wintersweet.
Oregon Fir Balsam
A substance collected from the trunk of the Oregon fir tree.
Also known as: Balsam, Balsam Fir Oregon, Balsam Oregon, Coastal Douglas Fir, Douglas Fir, Douglas Spruce, Le Sapin Baumier d'Orégon, Oregon Balsam, Pseudotsuga douglasii, Pseudotsuga menziesii, Pseudotsuga mucronata, Pseudotsuga taxifolia, Red Fir.
Oregon Grape
A plant. The root and root-like stem (rhizome) are used for medicine.
Also known as: Barberry, Berberis aquifolium, Berberis nervosa, Berberis repens, Berberis sonnei, Blue Barberry, Creeping Barberry, Holly Barberry, Holly-Leaved Berberis, Holly Mahonia, Mahonia, Mahonia aquifolium, Mahonia nervosa, Mahonia repens, Mountain-Grape, Oregon Barberry, Oregon-Grape, Oregon Grape-Holly, Scraperoot, Trailing Mahonia, Uva de Oregon, Water-Holly.
Oriental Arborvitae
A plant. The seeds and leafy twigs are used to make medicine.
Also known as: Bai Zhi Ren, Biota orientalis, Ce Bai, Ce Bai Ye, Chinese Arborvitae, Platycladus orientalis, Thuja orientalis, Thuya de Chine.
A chemical called an amino acid.
Also known as: L-Ornithine, L-Ornithine HCl, L-Ornithine Hydrochloride, L-5-aminorvaline, L-2,5-diaminovaleric acid, Ornithine HCl, Ornitina.
A plant. The root is used to make medicine.
Also known as: Blue Flag, Daggers, Flag, Flaggon, Flag Lily, Fliggers, Florentine Iris, Gladyne, Iris, Iris florentina, Iris germanica, Iris pallida, Jacob's Sword, Lirio Azul, Liver Lily, Myrtle Flower, Poison Flag, Rhizoma iridis, Segg, Sheggs, Snake Lily, Water Flag, White Dragon Flower, Wild Iris, Yellow Flag, Yellow Iris.
A homeopathic product used for the flu (influenza).
Also known as: Anas barbaria, Anas Barbariae, Anas moschata, Avian Heart and Liver, Avian Liver Extract, Cairina moschata, Canard de Barbarie, Duck Liver Extract, Extrait de Foie de Canard, Muscovy Duck, Oscillo.
A plant. The root is used to make medicine.
Also known as: Bear Root, Chuchupate, Colorado Cough Root, Indian Parsley, Ligusticum porteri, Mountain Lovage, Perejil de Campo, Porter's Licorice Root, Wild Celery Root.
Ostrich Fern
A plant. The shoots are used to make medicine.
Also known as: Fiddlehead Fern, Fougère Autruche, Garden Fern, Hardy Fern, Matteuccia struthiopteris, Osmunda struthiopteris.
Oswego Tea
A plant. Used for medicine.
Also known as: Bee Balm, Blue Balm, High Balm, Low Balm, Monarda, Monarda didyma, Mountain Balm, Mountain Mint, Scarlet Monarda.
Ox-Eye Daisy
A plant. The above ground flowering pieces are used for medicine.
Also known as: Butter Daisy, Chrysanthemum leucanthemum, Dun Daisy, Golden Daisy, Goldenseal, Great Ox-Eye, Herb Margaret, Horse Daisy, Horse Gowan, Margarita, Marguerite, Maudlin Daisy, Maudlinwort, Moon Daisy, Moon Flower, Moon Penny, Poverty Weed, White Daisy, White Weed.

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