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Private Label -  Private Label SupplementPrivate Label by definition: Products manufactured by one company, while labeled and marketed under another company's brand. Sounds simple and great news, with Private Label Supplement involved, it is. There are many benefits to using Private Label Supplement. A significant advantage of using Private Label Supplement as your partner for Supplement and Vitamin Private Label Manufacturing is freeing up your companies time to focus on marketing and sales and not worry about production and manufacturing. Honestly, that's just a start.

Most common private label supplement brands are “store brands” in vitamin stores, pet chains, national gyms, food retailers, and even the online giant Amazon has many of their brands selling side by side with you. They are designed to compete against branded products, offering customers a cheaper alternative to national brands. Though the public generally used to see them as low-cost imitations of branded supplement products, Private Label Supplement has overcome this reputation and achieved significant growth in recent years, particularly in Private Label Dog Soft Chews, Private Label Skincare Products, Private Label Joint Dog Soft Chews are a favorite, Vitamins, Private Label Nutritional Supplements, Sports Nutrition, Private Label Skincare, Vitamin C Serums, Hyaluronic Acid product lines, Private Label Pet Supplements, other Private Label Category favorites are Anti-Inflammatory Aids, Antioxidants, Herbs, Amino Acids, Pre & Probiotics for Pet and Humans alike, Cleanses, Multivitamins, Krill Oil (our Owner's Favorite next to her native Skincare) and Omega-3 Fish Oils rich in EPA/DHA. We also specialize in Custom Formulas.

Private labeling your own supplements save time, money, and effort. By purchasing a private label solution, you have a custom product to offer your Clients. You preserve the flexibility to set your own prices, and you are able to offer a quality product at lower prices to compete against major brands. This protects your margins while increasing your sales and profits. It's a win-win. We even line list you on our product liability insurance policy and hook you up with a fulfillment house after we've designed the coolest label following all the FDA Guidelines that can make your head spin. All while keeping you informed of what is going on with your order every step of the way during the 90 step production process, so you don't have to be offended and not get your calls unanswered after your deposit goes through.

Key Benefits of Private Label Supplement Include:

  • Ability to market our advanced supplements as your own
  • Opportunity to enhance your company's image and expand your product range
  • Saves you time, money, and energy as compared to product development from scratch
  • Unlimited customization options and highest manufacturing standards
  • Gain consumer credibility and loyalty as the product has your name on it
  • Flexibility in setting your prices
  • Lower product costs and higher margins benefit brand owners
  • Customize your entire production from conception, formulation, packaging, label design, to delivery
  • Our extensive experience minimizes your risk

Impact of Private Label Supplement

Brand Loyalty

National brands are often over distributed, so there's no real sense of brand loyalty in terms of where consumers buy them. Private labeling is unique, and you control the distribution, which cultivates a sense of brand loyalty and keeps your customer coming back to you. Consumers consider the private labels sector as unique, innovative alternatives to national brands. Capitalize on this market shift by offering your quality private label supplements, private label functional dog soft chews and dog products, as well as advanced technology skincare brands in attractive packaging to your target market. Create brand loyalty as you control where your products will be sold. Your brand has a unique and significant market advantage over your competitors, who only carry brand-name products. You are the only one who can offer your distribution partners exclusive distribution. This will lend great levity in negotiating shelf space, free advertising, or even extra dedicated staff, or if you are selling online, then better positioning on the website. You are your USP (unique selling proposition), a reason for the consumer to come back for repeat purchases. It is essential to have a well-thought-out plan to ensure this happens from the very first sale, or you might as well not have stepped up to the plate. Your team at Private Label Supplement can help you with this. We have a partner company called StartUp TakeOff, and we will ensure every one of your needs is met so you can focus on what you do best - sell and get the word out about your products.

Lower Prices and Higher Margins

Private label products are generally less expensive than branded products due to the lack of advertising and marketing expenses on the manufacturer’s side. You can purchase private label products for much less than you would pay for comparable branded products. The cost difference is usually enough to allow you to offer customers lower prices while still making higher profit margins. Lower prices are enticing to customers and increase your credibility. Your success will establish your product as a brand, marketing your private label products as alternatives to national brands, and will ultimately lead you to higher profits.

Check out our comprehensive Online Product Catalog including over 900 formulas with 1,200 variations to market the products based on your custom marketing calendars; tying our products multiple categorical types and ways through nutritional benefits to your well thought out online strategies and new product rollouts will lead you to success, and we can show you how. You can customize bottle counts, bottle colors, lid colors, and even the formulas in most cases. Just book a time to strategize with your Sales Manager to take full advantage of our services at Private Label Supplement. We specialize in growing unique brands rather than "me too" brands that tend to flood the market.