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Product Conception - Private Label SupplementWhether you are planning to create a single product or an entire product line, you need to determine who your target market is. Conducting market research is the first step. Learning your potential customers purchasing patterns, age, lifestyle, current health needs, and fitness levels will make your business more profitable. Knowing this information about your prospective customers will prepare you to make the best decisions from product conception to your choice of where your products will be sold.  This information will also help you decide how you want to launch your product into the marketplace. We can help you organize your debut with one product or hundreds of products to make a grand entrance, or use a more staggered approach.  Market research serves as a multi-prong tool for both the short and long-term success of your business.

Where you sell your products is another vital area of consideration during the conception period. Are you planning to sell your products online and/or primarily in stores? How are you going to sell your product successfully in either venue? Private Label Supplement has years of experience selling products through all product distribution channels. We can help you determine the most effective distribution channels for your product(s). Visit our Marketing Solutions page to learn more about the additional services we offer.

The next part of the puzzle is researching ingredients, reading product reviews, and relying on our industry experience in order to determine what ingredients are best to use in creating your formulas. Private Label Supplement can help you decide whether Stock Private Label Formulas, creating Custom Formulas, or a mixture of both would be most beneficial based on what we have worked together on so far.

If you have chosen to create Custom Formulas you’re ready to take the next step and send your formulas to our professional sales team. Your personal sales professional will work with our formulator and chemist teams to finalize and quote your formulas. You can also take this time to speak with your sales professional on the specifics of which Stock Private Label Formulas you have chosen.

Big picture planning is essential to your success. Private Label Supplement is here to help you every step of the way.