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Custom Formulas

At Private Label Supplement we offer every possible option to meet and exceed our Clients’ needs. Our Clients have collaborated with us on countless capsule, powder, liquid, and tablet Custom Formulations. This is all about you. Present your creative concept or combine ingredients from your favorite supplements into one. Perhaps you have seen a product that you love and want your name on it. Allow Private Label Supplement to make it yours. Our company strives to create products that are healthy and of the highest quality and unique in the private label market place. We are sure that the product we make for you will meet your expectations in every way as well as exceed the GMP Guidelines set forth by the FDA.

We offer realistic minimum order quantities in comparison to the current industry average. Minimums are based on bottle count; the higher the bottle count, the fewer bottles required. We have sources for any FDA approved raw material on the market.  We can make high-quality private label supplements and vitamins, softgels, skincare and pet products.

Please fill out the form below, and we will contact you within 48-72 hours. Be diligent in including the exact amounts of each ingredient you want in your product to ensure that your quote will be accurate. Our formulator will immediately get to work on your request.  Quotes are generally turned around in 72 hours. You are our priority, and Private Label Supplement will deliver your quote with care, confidence, competitive pricing and confidentiality. 

Not to mention we save your company $7,000-$10,000 per supplier on an annual basis just by doing business with us at no cost to you.  Nobody else in the private label supplement, private label pet, or the private label skincare industry can do this for you.  Ask us how when we speak to you.