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The Top 3 Selling Supplements For The Senior Market

Have you heard of the Silver Tsunami? This somewhat-controversial term refers to the increasing population of senior citizens in America. This includes the Baby Boomers, which comprised one of the largest population demographics in history. The fastest growing demographic in the world is the elderly thanks to the innovations of modern technology and medicine. It would only make sense that this is also one of the most lucrative markets for private label supplements.

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The Basics: How to Sell Supplements on Amazon

Offering your private label supplements on the Internet is a great way to strengthen your brand and leverage your sales. That’s a given. But there is more than one way to do it. In addition to having your own website, becoming an Amazon affiliate can also grant some unique benefits to your business. Not everyone,…

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10 Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing a Private Label Manufacturer

The strategic partnership you form with your manufacturer can make or break the success of not only your product line, but your company as a whole. Many factors play a role in producing private label supplements, skin care and pet nutrition products and it is not one you should take lightly. Many private label manufacturers…

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