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GLA – How Do We Consume 1000mg a Day as Dr. Oz Suggests to Combat Belly Fat

Dr. Oz recommends 800mg of GLA to target belly fat reduction. It is important to note that GLA is derived from Borage Oil (also from Black Currant Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and Safflower), and to achieve the recommended daily intake of 800mg you would adjust your product usage to 3-4 softgels per day. This is…

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Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract – Dr. Oz

Watch Dr. Oz and guest speaker Dr. Lindsey Duncan, Naturopathic Doctor/Certified Nutritionist speak on the amazing science behind Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract and its benefits toward natural weight loss.  According to Dr. Duncan, the medical weight loss community is buzzing about the authenticity of the weight loss effects of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract….

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Could this be DMAA’s Replacement: Dendrobium Extract

As momentum behind the removal of DMAA from the supplement market snowballs, many preworkout sellers are in search of new natural stimulants to replace the contentious ingredient. Many sellers anticipated the change and prepped their products to be ahead of the curve, and instead use N-Methyltyramine, a stimulant alkaloid found in bitter orange. Bitter orange…

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