Unexplored Markets: The Five Most Popular Oral Health Ingredients

Did you know that the number of Baby boomers, one of history’s largest generations, currently stands at nearly 76 million people?  Something else that you may not know about this expansive audience is that they are drastically more informed and connected than the generation before them. As a result, boomers actively seek out products that they need online.  Among these products are supplements and products such as anti-wrinkle cream and energy boosters. However, there is another category that is overlooked by many product companies and one that is sought after within this audience: oral health.

Oral health supplements benefit boomers in a completely different way. There is a strong demand for oral health products on the consumer end, but not many pre-existing supplements offer comprehensive solutions to gum and teeth conditions that occur when people age, leaving a hugely profitable opportunity for newcomers to the industry.

At Private Label Supplement, we’re firm believers in the power of our certified raw materials (aka dietary supplement ingredients). Our range of Custom Formulas provide our Clients with the perfect combination of ingredients that help their products fly off the shelves.

Want to take advantage of the boomer audience?  Then consider starting your own oral health-related private label supplement product line.  Here are 5 ingredients proven to offer oral health benefits that you should consider:

1. Omega-3s. A lot of people say Omega-3s can do a plethora of things. It seems too good to be true. But the best part is, they’re right. Apart from anti-inflammatory and mood boosting effects, this “wonder ingredient” may also help ward off gum disease, as validated research shows.

2. Vitamin C.  This ingredient is one that already sells amazingly on its own thanks to its popularity. There’s strong evidence that supports Vitamin C’s ability to help with teeth, gums, and even the jawbone.

3. Vitamin B3. Those deficient in B3 may find their breath worsen and possibly suffer from mouth sores. B3 is a necessity for proper oral health. This is an important ingredient because it adds a preventative element to any supplement.

4. Folic Acid. Often marketed towards pregnant women, Folic Acid offers a plethora of benefits, including defense against bleeding gums. This ingredient also plays a key role in rebuilding damaged gums as well as treating sores. Folic Acid’s many uses are quickly rising in popularity and many Private Label Supplement Clients are adding this to their unique blends. You will also see changes in the way this ingredients appears on labels with the new FDA 2018 Labeling Initiative rolling out in January.

5. Grape Seed Extract. This potent antioxidant has been known to strengthen and extend the life of teeth as well as offer antioxidant support. The unique aspect of grape seed extract is that research shows it may strengthen artificial fillings, thereby helping Consumers stay out of the dentist chair.

Oral health is an in-demand category of supplements and is really taking off, particularly due to the growing elderly population.  So why wait – take advantage of the baby boomer market today by developing your own private label product line of oral health supplements.

Let’s get started.  My team at Private Label Supplement can help you develop your unique product and market to the right audience! The time for action is now. Call my team on 855-209-0225 (US Press 2, Int’l Press 3 for Sales). They are standing by to help you get jump started on the road to profitability.  Don’t forget to ask us how we can save you $7K-$10K.

All my best,
Stefani Thionnet
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