The MANY benefits of CoQ10

You may have heard claims that Coenzyme Q10 can lower Blood Pressure, Boost the Immune System, and Improve certain Heart diseases.    CoQ10 30 mgThere are also claims it can help fight Cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Wrinkles, Diabetes, Gum diseases, and Migraines.

I was also surprised to learn that it can counteract certain Prescription Drug Effects, and helps you to lose weight. So why aren’t you taking this extraordinary supplement?!

We suggest taking one of our Co-Q10 30 mg softgel four times daily.

Our Co-Q10 + Flaxseed Oil + Vit E offers all of those benefits plus:

Protection against Rheumatoid Arthritis, Constipation, Anxiety, Prostate problems, Vaginal problems, helps ADHD, has Antioxidant properties, Blood-thinning effects, Possible Cataract prevention, Protective effects to cigarette smoke and air pollution, and Skin healing.

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Stefani Thionnet
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Stefani Thionnet

Owner & CEO, Private Label Supplement, Private Label Hemp + CBD Products, and StartUp TakeOff. A cowboy entrepreneur, a nearly three-decade veteran in the health & wellness industry, Stefani thrives on Clients’ success and is relentlessly seeking new ways to deliver quality GMP product that furthers a company’s marketing and drives volume with the confidence that comes from successful strategic partnerships. With an inventive, innovative approach to product development and a commitment to Client relations, her professional motto is, “If we are lucky enough to fill one order but haven’t earned your repeat business, we haven’t done our job.” Thank you!

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