Snow Algae And Peptides Helps Restore Aging Skin


Snow algae is one of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients found in skincare to date. This organism is known best for thriving in extreme conditions, and when applied to living cells, has serious anti-aging fighting powers.

By harnessing the extremophile survival instincts of Snow algea and conferring it to skin cells, it’s been show to facilitate DNA repair in the skin.

How Snow Algae Enhances Skin Renewal

This phenomenon is caused by the snow algae Chlamydomonas nivalis. Snow algae are extremophile species adapted to survive on Alpine and polar snow fields. As a unicellular member of green algae, snow algae changes color by producing carotenoids containing high Astaxanthin levels in their spores, which protect against ultraviolet radiation.

Many studies have been done on this ingredient and it’s been found that it literally replicates nature and it does so when it interacts with the skin.

Snow Algae Peptide Wrinkle Fighting Serum

Snow algae combined with many other familiar ingredients like Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid, and Green Tea Extract, combined with 5-layer delivery systems in complex peptides lead to a very effective private label skincare serum.   

Private Label Supplement is proud to introduce the Snow Algae Peptide Wrinkle Fighting Serum that is show to soften wrinkles, give skin a smoother and healthier appearance as well as firming and brightening the skin.

This formula is very soothing and effective for treating even the most tired and brash looking of skin without expensive trips to the plastic surgeon and endless expensive facials.

Snow Algae Peptide Wrinkle Fighting Serum will regenerate your skin, lock in moisture, firm your aging skin, and provide a youthful glow while you are at home receiving amazing benefits.

The Snow Algae Peptide Wrinkle Fighting Serum should be added to every private label marketers line up of products in the industry.

Watch The Video to Learn More About the Technology of the Ingredient:

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