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Citrus AurantiumAlso known as Bitter Orange Extract, Citrus Aurantium gained popularity in 2004 after the banning of Ephedra because of its similarities to the compound. Several supplement companies have referred to it as being just as effective as Ephedra while not having the same side effects.

So How Does Citrus Aurantium Work?

Citrus Aurantium is said to work in a similar way as Ephedra. The active compound in Citrus Aurantium is Synephrine which is an Amphetamine like chemical. Like Ephedra, Synephrine has the ability to increase heart production along with decreasing appetite. The reason that Citrus Aurantium does not cause as severe of side effects as Ephedra is that it targets specific receptors called Beta-3 Adrenergic receptors without bothering other receptors like Beta-1 and Beta-2 receptors which are the receptors that increase heart rate and blood pressure when taking Ephedra.

The Beta-3 Adrenergic receptors which Citrus Aurantium targets, helps break down fat and at the same time increases the metabolism.

Citrus Aurantium really does seem to help people drop weight and that is why so many people are starting to take note of this ingredient.

We suggest taking 2 Capsules Twice a Day:

Energy Build + Build Fat

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