Rhodiola Rosea: The Energy Booster Whose Rise You Can’t Ignore

Rhodiola_Rosea_featureIf there is an herbal remedy battling “21st century stress”, it’s Rhodiola Rosea, also known as Golden Root. Dr. Oz, along with many noted herbalists and medical botanists, swears by it as the most effective natural cure for fatigue, lack of concentration, mental fog, and mild depression.

Predictably, after it was featured on the Dr. Oz show, public interest intensified, easily measured by increased demand and more searches for information on the Internet. In a matter of days, Rhodiola Rosea turned into the hottest energy booster because it promised to be the perfect fast fix for stress-related health problems.

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Growing Popularity

A quick look at a Google Trends graph will show how, despite its proven benefits, Rhodiola Rosea has been largely overlooked. Yet the beginning of 2014 has registered a spike of interest in the herb. It’s safe to assume that’s because Dr. Oz featured it on his show. Needless to say, he knows best when it comes to healthy ways of strengthening our body and mind. Be one of the educators, and help your customers lead harmonic and stress-free lives.


Market Potential and Major Selling Points

Rhodiola rosea

Our everyday life is plagued by stress. According to the American Academy of Family and Physicians, 80% of all illnesses have their roots in stress and depression.

Rhodiola Rosea is an adaptogen, or an herb that increases the body’s ability to adapt to stress and lessen anxiety.

It’s scientifically proven that it can reduce fatigue, and it improves mental and physical performance. For example, it has been discovered that inhabitants of Siberia have used Rhodiola Rosea for centuries to help them cope with the brutal cold and the difficult living conditions.

study by the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry, published back in 2007, stated that patients displaying mild-to-moderate depression reported fewer symptoms after taking Rhodiola Rosea extract. An instant reduction in anxiety was measured in people who took the herb for 10 weeks. Evidence suggests that Rhodiola Rosea has quicker effects than conventional antidepressants. The herb’s benefits are often felt within a week.

Rhodiola Rosea can be offered together with Multivitamins and other energy-boosting supplements. So stay alert to any customer whose main needs or complaints revolve around words such as “tired”, “exhausted”, “feeling depressed” or “no energy”. Theoretically speaking, that would make each and everyone of us potential users of Rhodiola Rosea, which further indicates the supplement’s market potential.

Being an adaptogen, Rhodiola Rosea differs from well-known stimulants such as nicotine and amphetamine. It is not addictive, and no side effects have been detected.


The Root of Benefits

With such diverse qualities, Rhodiola Rosea is a product that will instantly fly off your shelves. Emphasize these sought-after benefits for great sales results:

  • Enhances the level of serotonin, dopamine and other brain neurotransmitters.
  • Combined with anti-depressants, the herb boosts the intellectual ability and physical energy levels of patients.
  • Golden Root Extract, mixed with regular exercise, can act as an effective weight control substance.
  • It oxygenates the brain and the muscles, so it’s a perfect energy boost for athletes and people leading busy and dynamic lives.


Recommended Dosage

Dr. Oz recommends starting with 100 mg per day and, if needed, the dose can be increased to 200 mg. If higher amounts are taken, some people might feel restless and revved up. It’s best to take it early in the day so it doesn’t interfere with sleep.


An Opportunity You Can’t Ignore

Don’t miss out on the hottest supplement on the market right now. Demand is growing by the day: it seems like winter depression is here to stay while spring fatigue is just around the corner!

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