Pet Health Shakeup: The 5 Game-Changing Products On The Market

As those who carefully watch health trends and product sales, my team and I at Private Label Supplement  get excited when we see a movement like this. The year is starting off with a bang for those in the pet health industry, specifically those appealing to dog owners. If you work in this industry or have a desire to profit from it, read on.

If you have paid any attention to pet health trends, you know that the general market is obsessed with keeping things simple and natural. As you read this blog you may recognize some of these ingredients from hype generated by health supplements intended for humans. As a result of their use in human supplements, the efficacy of these ingredients has already been established. And the most popular form these ingredients are taking in Pet Supplements? Powders and Soft Chews.

Right now, our Clients are investing in the following Powders and Soft Chews thanks to their wholesome ingredients and substantial Consumer appeal.

1. Healthy Reward Hemp Seed Oil, Organic Hemp Powder, and Hemp Soft Chews. Most people are becoming keen to the profit potential of Hemp for people. For dogs, though, it can be just as beneficial and fast-selling for those who own these product lines. Hemp Seed Oil offers an exceptional amount of Omega Fatty Acids while containing less than 10% saturated fats. Organic Hemp Powder has proven to be an excellent source of protein for canines. Additionally, our formula includes other famously beneficial ingredients like Organic Turmeric, Egg Shell Meal, and Yucca Schidigera Extract. Our formula also includes Bromelain, whose flushing effects are becoming more well known throughout various Consumer demographics.

2. K9 Bone Broth & Hemp Protein Powder. Once again, the power of bone broth is unleashed, but here it helps dogs maintain optimal health and vitality. This formula also incorporates the aforementioned Organic Hemp Powder, which boosts canine protein and promotes strength. We’ve also added Organic Turmeric and Pumpkin for added help with digestion as well as a natural anti-inflammatory on your dogs sensitive GI Tract. Clients have reported that this product sells well for multiple reasons, saying that their Consumers’ dogs really enjoy the flavor and actually enjoy taking the supplements for overall wellness and added energy in their pets’ day.

3. K9 Advanced Joint Care Powder. Joint health for dogs is considered one of the top concerns for pet owners. It can also be a very lucrative sector for you because dogs should take these products at a young age and continue doing so throughout their lives. This Powder is loaded with several beneficial ingredients, including Glucosamine HCl, Organic Turmeric, MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane), and Chondroitin Sulfate. The above are universally known to promote joint health for dogs.

4. K9 Super Pre & Probiotic with Enzyme Blend + Pumpkin for Digestion. Did you know pumpkin has proven to be amazing for canine digestion? Big dog food brands have begun adding this ingredient into their formulas–often in amounts that are enough to raise the price tag, but not enough to impact the animal’s health. As you could imagine, this doesn’t generate return customers. Our Powder, however is loaded with pumpkin and live microbials, specific to pets, which help your Consumers’ dogs maintain a healthy GI Tract, travel well with the family on trips, handle guests more easily during and after dinner parties or simple BBQ’s and even help them get through a thunderstorm which can be such an upheaval in your pets’ lives; all of which keep them coming back.

5. K9 Advanced Multi-Vitamin Supplement Senior Care Powder. Look at the above products. It’s safe to say that we have enough resources to ensure every dog lives a long, healthy life. But when they get older, they need extra care. That’s why many Clients have begun selling this Powder which is specifically made for older dogs. It’s a niche market that sells great, and we have the facts to prove its effectiveness. Loaded with 2 billion CFU’s of Total Live Microbials, Glucosamine HCl, a Proprietary Enzyme Blend, MSM, and much, much more, this Powder can be sprinkled over dog food for easy way to keep pets healthy.

Everyone says dogs is a man’s best friend. Well, Consumers love to take care of their best friends and as a result they spend billions every year to ensure they’re happy and healthy. These 5 products will benefit your private label supplement line in a multitude of ways, while positioning your brand as modern and intuitive.

Are you ready to begin your line or improve a pre-existing brand? We’re here to help. Contact our Sales Managers at 855-209-0225 (US Press 2 for Sales) to find out more information on pricing. While you’re on the line, ask our representative how you can save $7-$10K in the process.

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Stefani Thionnet
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