Master The Millennials: What This Generation Looks For In Supplements

Ah, the Millennials… everyone has an opinion about this generation. Some think they’re lazy, others think they chase pipe dreams. One thing is for certain, this generation is now entering the buyer’s market on all levels, and it’s time for entrepreneurs to sit up and take notice.

A bit of info on Millennials- people born between 1985-1997 – they are the most educated generation yet, and as a result the generation with the most debt, with an average of $31,000 of debt per individual. This is also the largest generation to date, as many of them have Baby Boomer parents. These men and women are often dubbed the “children of the internet,” as over 87% of American Millennials have instant access to the world wide web. This is good news — if your product matches their demands.

After doing our own research, we’ve found that the following areas are the most sought after Supplements for Millennials. If you are looking to maximize your profits with this group, you need to read on.

1. Anti-Anxiety / Stress. With great power comes… a ton of stress. You can blame the media, you can blame our jobs. But research clearly shows people are reporting higher stress levels than ever before– and the Millennials are no exception. Nearly $14 billion dollars are spent on anti-anxiety and stress products every year. But this is where Supplements get an advantage with Millennials… Studies show that this generation actively seeks products with natural ingredients. This explains why products containing Fish Oil, Rhodiola Extract, Ashwagandha, and Chamomile are spiking dramatically in sales.

2.  Energy. Millennials have a lot to do and little time to do it. They’re the reason why the the energy drink “fad” became a $20 billion industry and people are actively seeking ways duplicate this success, but provide a cleaner, less sugary solution. Supplements that incorporate Green Tea, Vitamin B Complex, and L-Theanine have proven their worth time and time again. Our Clients that sell supplements in the Energy Support category had a fantastic year and all signs point to 2018 being even more profitable.

3. Skin Care. Every day, online thought leaders promote skin products on social media and those products blow up in sales thanks to the Millennials who view these demonstration videos. Yours can be next. Products that incorporate naturally sourced ingredients such as Coconut Oil, Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, as well as the 5 different types of Collagen have proven results both on a Consumer Satisfaction level and for sales. As long as their is acne or dry skin, skin care is a sure thing.

The Millennials are no longer kids. They are entering the work force and many of them are already in lucrative positions. They deserve your attention as Customer Base with specific demands. If you go into one of the above fields, you will be in need of a reorder quickly!

Let’s get started now. (The Millennials won’t wait forever!) Contact my team today to see how we can help you create, market, and sell a profiting product that resonates with the largest generation ever. Call 855-209-0225 (US Press 2 for Sales)  to find out more information.  Don’t forget to ask us how we can save you $7-10K on your product line.


All my best,
Stefani Thionnet
Stay focused and never give up!

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Stefani Thionnet

Owner & CEO, Private Label Supplement, Private Label Hemp + CBD Products, and StartUp TakeOff. A cowboy entrepreneur, a nearly three-decade veteran in the health & wellness industry, Stefani thrives on Clients’ success and is relentlessly seeking new ways to deliver quality GMP product that furthers a company’s marketing and drives volume with the confidence that comes from successful strategic partnerships. With an inventive, innovative approach to product development and a commitment to Client relations, her professional motto is, “If we are lucky enough to fill one order but haven’t earned your repeat business, we haven’t done our job.” Thank you!

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