Dark Greens & Fruit Probiotic Powder: 7 Reasons Why It’s Selling Out Everywhere

In cities all around the country, juice bars are popping up and surging in popularity. These healthy, expensive drinks have people lined up out the door because, while they may look a little funky in color, they’re packed with flavor and more importantly, nutrition. The most popular is by far the one that goes by many names – Green Goddess, The Green One, Mother Earth, The Green Squeeze. They all boil down to the same combination of ingredients, which people wait in line for. And guess what? You can sell a powder with these same ingredients.

Our team at Private Label Supplements has incorporated the popularity of juices into a best-selling product. The Dark Greens and Fruit Probiotic Powder Support drink mix is a dietary supplement that aids in digestive function and helps maintain regularity.  It has the same natural ingredients that juice bars incorporate alongside a healthy boost of supplements. With no preservatives or artificial sweeteners, this great-tasting mix is the perfect supplement to a healthy diet.

The best part about this product? Clients can expect a much larger ROI on this product than others due to the quality of the product and the higher price point it sells at. Both the popularity and profitability of juices and powdered drinks has steadily risen since 2008, and now it’s a multi-billion dollar industry. In fact, these types of supplements have changed the way even large supplement companies think about their business.

This product may offer the following health benefits to your Consumers:

1. A natural, clean energy boost.

2. Boosts immunity.

3. A source of high fiber.

4. Provides probiotics and digestive enzymes for digestive aid.

5. May help with weight loss.

6. May improve heart health.

7. Offers support to fight illness.

And there’s plenty more where these come from. We’re proud to offer this product to our Clients because we’ve seen the profit that can be made with this product.

Ingredients such as Organic Carrot Root Powder, Organic Broccoli Leaf Powder, Organic Cauliflower Bulb Powder, Organic Spinach Leaf Powder,
Organic Parsley Leaf Powder, Organic Collards (Kale) Leaf Powder make that ultra-popular and selling out drink that people love. But where this product also shines is ingredients such as high-quality Japanese Knotweed, Green Tea, Aloe, and even Eleuthero Root Powder.  It is specially designed for Consumers that take their health seriously.

There’s a big profit to be made with these types of products, but you can’t wait much longer. Contact our Sales Managers at 855-209-0225 (US Press 2 for Sales) to find out more information on pricing. We want to help you incorporate this best selling product into your own supplement product line in no time while saving you $7-$10K in the process.

All my best,
Stefani Thionnet
Stay focused and never give up!

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Stefani Thionnet

Owner & CEO, Private Label Supplement, Private Label Hemp + CBD Products, and StartUp TakeOff. A cowboy entrepreneur, a nearly three-decade veteran in the health & wellness industry, Stefani thrives on Clients’ success and is relentlessly seeking new ways to deliver quality GMP product that furthers a company’s marketing and drives volume with the confidence that comes from successful strategic partnerships. With an inventive, innovative approach to product development and a commitment to Client relations, her professional motto is, “If we are lucky enough to fill one order but haven’t earned your repeat business, we haven’t done our job.” Thank you!

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