Consistency: The Key to Private Label Supplement Brand Success | Stefani Thionnet at Nutraceuticals World

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Stefani Thionnet’s latest article titled ‘Consistency: The Key to Private Label Supplement Brand Success‘ has been published at Nutraceuticals World. The article sheds light on the importance of brand consistency for private label supplement retailers and how it is key to their growth, exposure and success.

The article then goes into the different aspects of brand consistency. These are:

  • a unique and internally coherent brand identity
  • a visually consistent representation of that identity
  • consistent social media brand presence and communication, and
  • consistency across all marketing campaigns

The most important point about these different sides of brand consistency is that they need to be in total accordance with each other. A brand’s outward appearance, presence and actions must be consistent with its identity and voice, in order for consumers to come to recognize, value and advocate that brand. Therein also lies the success of any private label supplement brand, be it big or small.

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