3 Products That Will Help You Rock 2018’s Weight Loss Season

Newsflash:The holiday season has consequences. After all of those Christmas cookies and glasses of egg nog, many people loosen their belts thanks to some added poundage. It should come as no surprise that year after year the #1 News Year Resolution is centered around weight management.

Every January, people spend tons of money on getting their bodies back to a healthier and more attractive weight. In fact, the fitness and gym industries rake in over $25 billion in revenue. But that’s not even the most baffling number. The weight loss industry is worth a jaw-dropping $66 billion. This includes supplements, shakes, powders, and more. As you can see, the average American Consumer would much rather invest in a product line than an exercise routine – and this is a fact you can capitalize on.

Is there a way for your company to cash in on this phenomenon?

At Private Label Supplement, many of our Clients are interested in the weight loss industry for many reasons. It doesn’t take long to gain traction in this market and the versatility of ingredients allow Consumers to choose which method they prefer.

We always suggest a solid product line of at least 3 individual items your Consumers can select. Which should you choose? Studies have shown that these are the best-selling weight loss products that will be selling out in January – so let’s get started:

1. Meal Replacement Powder. Consumers want to lose weight, but they are bound to fail if they can’t get rid of that constant hunger in their gut. Vitamin-Infused Protein Powder Meal Replacement will make them feel full thanks to a long, long list of supplements and a healthy dose of Whey Protein. These powders have just enough calories, fats, carbs and vital vitamin profile to help Consumers stay satiated until the next meal. And they taste great too!

2. Garcinia Cambogia Extract. At Private Label Supplement, we have worked with many weight management ingredients. However, few have surpassed both Garcinia Cambogia’s efficacy and popularity. Several celebrities have endorsed this ingredient, so it’s hard for business owners to keep these supplements stocked. A good problem to have, right? This ingredient acts as an appetite suppressant and it also blocks fat cells from forming. This comes in the form an easy-to-swallow veggie capsule for easy consumption.

3.  Green Coffee Bean Extract. Recent studies have proven that the chlorogenic acids found in green coffee beans demonstrated unquestionable and successful weight loss effects. This is the same plant that makes up our favorite morning brew, but before any thermal processing takes place. The market is eating up green coffee bean extract because of its ability to regulate hunger thanks to its pure form. Recent studies even showed that with the right diet, green coffee bean extract contributed to 10% body weight loss in 12 weeks. Once again, the effects have been endorsed by celebrities and thought leaders and as a result, it’s selling out everywhere.

The goal of creating your own weight management line of supplements is to offer a line of comprehensive and convenient solutions. You can gain a profit no matter which way your Consumers prefer to take their weight loss journey. But here’s the only catch to all this– time is running out and fast.

If you’re ready to create your own live of private label supplements, don’t wait a minute longer. Call 855-209-0225 (US Press 2 for Sales)  to find out more information on pricing and to learn about our process. Make 2018 the year that you take a bite out of the weight management industry!  Also, don’t forget to ask us how we can save you $7-$10K in the process!

All my best,
Stefani Thionnet
Stay focused and never give up!

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Stefani Thionnet

Owner & CEO, Private Label Supplement, Private Label Hemp + CBD Products, and StartUp TakeOff. A cowboy entrepreneur, a nearly three-decade veteran in the health & wellness industry, Stefani thrives on Clients’ success and is relentlessly seeking new ways to deliver quality GMP product that furthers a company’s marketing and drives volume with the confidence that comes from successful strategic partnerships. With an inventive, innovative approach to product development and a commitment to Client relations, her professional motto is, “If we are lucky enough to fill one order but haven’t earned your repeat business, we haven’t done our job.” Thank you!

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