3 Ingredients Your Pet Supplement Needs to Become a Best-Seller

PrivateLabelSupp-12So you have decided to dive into the massive pet supplement market by creating your own private label pet supplement. This is a big, and wise, decision as the pet market continues to grow. In 2016 alone the sales within the pet supplement market were in excess of $580 million (which was an increase of 3.% over 2015). This steady growth is expected to continue as pet owners continue to become more and more concerned about pet health and nutrition, with a laser focus on only having their beloved pet ingest the purest and quality ingredients.

PrivateLabelSupp-8With an estimated $69.36 billion in total to be spent on pets in 2017, in order to swim with the sharks within this category you need to have an extremely focused and competitive approach. What better way of gaining edge than seeking out and using ingredients that are the top with category leaders and on-trend for future growth?

At Private Label Supplement, my team and I want you to be prepared with all of the information that you need to create a winning product – including the ingredients that are creating success for the leaders across the Amazon sales leaderboards. I wanted to highlight three of the top ingredients that I believe you need to consider adding to your own pet product. Without further ado:

1. Organic Turmeric:

This spice acts as a natural antioxidant for pets and has many anti-inflammatory properties. It can act as a natural antibacterial agent in addition to promoting heart and liver health. Also, when it comes to health Organic Turmeric has been known to help reduce blood clots that can lead to strokes and heart attacks in pets.

Here are a just a handful of further advantages of ORGANIC Turmeric in pet supplements:

  • Known to Aid in Digestive Health
  • May Help with Detox Properties
  • Can Offer Allergy Relief
  • May Help in Cataracts Prevention
  • Has Been Known as a Natural Pain Reliever

2. Coconut Oil:

Not only can Coconut Oil greatly improve a dog’s coat and skin, but also it elevates metabolism. By providing pets with more energy, this wonder ingredient will also protect your dog from illness while acting as a healing agent. Add to that it aids in digestion as well as these benefits:

  • May Help With Eczema
  • Minimize Dog Odor
  • Helps With Weight Loss
  • Helps Ease Chronic Coughing
  • Known to Help Enhance Nutrient Absorption

3. Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil

Another ingredient that you may be familiar with in terms of its nutrient oriented benefits is Fish Oil.

For pets specifically – Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is a definite must HAVE in terms of on-trend pet supplement ingredients. It is a one-stop-shop handling any conditions that cause inflammation of the kidneys, skin, joints, and heart. Not to mention that it can ease inflammation caused by allergies. Here are a few of the other great benefits of this ingredient:

  • May Reduce Itchy Skin and Dandruff
  • Helps Promote a Shiny, Healthy Coat
  • May Help Promote Eye Development
  • Known to Help Aid in Health Pregnancies

With benefits like these, you can see why these ingredients are currently leading the
pack in the pet supplement category. So with that in mind, our chemists at Private Label Supplements come up with brand new exclusive formulas utilizing each of these top ingredients in private label products that are destined to be a must have in your product line:

Just a few of the products we have available are:

Click any of the above to get started or contact our Sales Manager’s at 855-209-0225 (US Press 2 for Sales) to find out more information on pricing and MOQ’s today. We want to help you utilize these hot ingredients to create your own profitable private label pet supplement product line in no time, while saving you $7-$10K in the process.

All my best,
Stefani Thionnet
Stay focused and never give up!

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