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Private Label Supplement is thrilled to bring you private label pet products and supplements that are all natural, allergen free, contain no chemicals or fragrances and are primarily safe for human consumption.  Our product line is far ahead of the industry trend where pet food products are growing on strong health claim activity.  Our pets already benefit by using ingredients like Milk Thistle, Turmeric Curcumin, Delphinol Maqui Berry, Organic Coral Calcium, Manuka Honey (Doggy SOS- Manuka Honey Skin Relief), Prebiotics, Probiotics and many more.  Of course Glucosamine and Chondroitin are a given as well.

We spend extensive time in sourcing our ingredients to bring you only the safest and most effective ingredients to our pets.  In many cases we have exclusive agreements with raw material suppliers so we can offer you exclusive and superior quality products.  A prime example of this is our Delphinol Maqui Berry which comes from Brazil and contains more than 300 times higher the ORAC value than the two most commonly used antioxidant berries in other pet diets.  An amazing soft chew for your dog is our Healthy Reward Antioxidant Soft Chew which is filled with this exclusive berry.

Our line will be expanding further at a fast rate not only deeper into dog products but feline and horse products as well.  In fact, there are several products safe for cats that we can work together on adjusting serving sizes on.  Please watch our website weekly if not daily for these additions in the pet product private label market.

The treat and soft chew market for dogs and cats has been the fastest growing segment of the industry.  We offer the most comprehensive selection of soft chews available and we have some amazing new products in final stages of R&D right now that will be available soon.  Soft chews have taken the place of arm wrestling your pets to chew a hard tablet or overwhelm them with too many powders.  And honestly, aside from administering prescription medications, who wants to give your pet a plastic capsule?  Our extensive research and development in our onsite facility has shown us nutrients in a soft chew form provide a training opportunity for the puppy and puppy owner, and a bonding experience with the dog and the dog owner compared to powders, tablets and capsules.  This is a win win with for you as a seller of private label pet supplements as well as your end users pet’s. 

This is a vital marketing message to get across to your buyers.  Our collection of 6 soft chews is hard to narrow down what our staff’s favorite pick is as 4 of 6 are meant for all dog’s and then we have Healthy Reward Puppy Soft Chew and Healthy Reward Adult Soft Chew.  All of our dogs devour them.

Two other very important categories the industry is seeing major growth in are Joint Care and Probiotics as we see our animals living longer lives.  Joint health claims are also being increasingly featured in multivitamin type products as you will find in our K9 Multi-Senior Care SupplementProbiotics are now found in unique delivery systems such as our K9 Organic Anti-Inflammatory Probiotic Spray - 3 Sizes which is an amazing product that certainly should not be used in lieu of a trip to the vet but could save you a trip to the vet when used on a regular basis to keep you pets GI tract on track for just about any internal or external reasons your pets GI tract can get out of sorts.  It doesn’t take much to upset your dog’s systems but it takes at least 2 weeks to get them back on track and this product has amazed top veterinarians in the country.

If you are looking to start a new line of dog products check out our New Products page and this selection of product would be a great place to start.  Even if you don’t start with all of them now, you can build up to this selection and go from there.

Just as we do with our supplements and skincare we will be offering Custom Formulas for Dog and Pet Supplements.  Custom Formulas will primarily begin with a 1000 bottle minimum order quantity.  However, just like with any project, this will depend on what your formula is; so this may vary by project.  We are excited to be working with 2 highly skilled professionals including a chemists as well as a veterinarian focused on pet supplement and pet product development in the pet nutrition and pet supplement market.  Submit your Custom Formula here.