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Packaging - Private Label SupplementPrivate Label Vitamins and Supplements, Private Label Pet Supplements, Private Label Functional Soft Chews for Dogs, and the Private Label Skincare industry is very competitive when it comes to packaging. Customers are drawn to attractive and functional packaging as it is the first thing their consumers see when looking at your brand. You have one chance for your brand to stand out amongst the competition. Providing you with the buying power needed to gain a new consumer for life. Packaging presentation is essential for vitamins, supplements, functional soft chews for dogs, capsules, powders, softgels, tablets, liquids, topical products, antioxidants, herbs, organics, sports nutrition, creams, lotions, serums, oils, gels, powders, probiotics and sprays for pets.

We offer many approved options within the GMP Guidelines for packaging Private Label Dietary Supplements, Skincare Products, and Pet Supplements. All have particular requirements you must adhere to as a brand owner and Private Label Supplement is happy to help guide you through the process. If you don't see what you have envisioned, please ask your Private Label Supplement Sales Manager or any member of our Creative Department, and we will make sure your product achieves the look you desire; while ensuring its' consumer safety standards are within the GMP Guidelines.

HDPE White Bottles and White Lids can most certainly be attention-grabbing when adorned with a creative, marketable label. The clean label approach is one to put serious thought into for many reasons. Namely, the packaging is meant to state what is in the package, not to attempt to use it as a marketing tool. The consumer wants to know what they are purchasing to compare brand content. Many surveys show consumers desire a clean label. They don't want the fluff and clutter. That has evolved over the past couple of years.

Visit our Labeling page to see our offering of amazing ready-made Templates and other necessary information to guide you through our In-House Label Creation process. Nobody can create compliant, creative, and innovative labels or the best packaging the way Private Label Supplement can. Our team delivers with education, passion, creativity, your input (essential), and enthusiasm in an efficient manner. Not to mention, we work with the very best full-service print house in the industry where our Clients are the priority.

Private Label Dietary Supplements & Private Label Skincare Products Packaging Options:

Private Label Pet Supplements Packaging Options:

Amber Bottles Offer a Nice Upgraded Look to Your Private Label Product Line:

Additional bottling options include Clear or Glass bottles (also in Amber):

Glass Boston Round Bottles are core packaging for serums and liquid formulas.  They are available in Amber, Cobalt Blue, or Clear.   This color also comes in glass for private label serums with black or white glass droppers or sprayers with clear overcaps. The droppers can be straight or at an angle.  There is also a black flat travel cap for shipping.

Boston Rounds are also available in plastic.  They are an excellent choice for vitamin sprays, spray-on moisturizers, or private label sports nutrition products. This color also comes in glass for private label serums with black or white glass droppers or sprayers (shown below). The droppers can be straight or at an angle.  There is also a black flat travel cap for shipping.

Single Dose Options:

Other Packaging Options Include:

  • Vitamin Cartons

  • Point of Sales Box

  • Outside Safety Seal- included on all orders

  • Bottle Sealing- included on all orders

More often than not, Stock Private Label Formulas use Clear Gelatin Capsules. This information is confirmed in detail on the individual Product Pages on the Supplement Facts Panel. Vegetable Capsules or Gelatin Capsules are available for Custom Formulas in Clear and White.  Other standard delivery systems include:

Softgels, Powders, Liquids, and Tablets (not pictured).

Properly packaging your private label supplements and vitamins, private label skincare products, and private label pet supplements can propel your success. Let’s discuss what options best suit your current needs. Minimums do apply.