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Men generally have more reason to be vigilant about their health than women, if only because they have shorter longevity and because certain illnesses - heart trouble being the prime example - tend to be more common in men than women. Men also tend to put themselves in more dangerous situations than women, for example in certain group sports and testing physical activities. It's also true to say that men need to be more careful about their health as they approach middle-age.

Although no lifestyle or regime is an absolutely foolproof way of warding off illness, there are certain supplements than can be taken to assist the body in functioning well. Six capsules a day of Colon Cleanse, for example (containing extracts of Aloe Vera and Wheat Grass Juice Powder, among other ingredients) helps you in many ways. It will protect you from prostate cancer, it helps to manage colitis and aids the digestion system.

Or one softgel per day of Odorless Garlic (500 mg) - containing garlic extract - helps to prevent asthma, combats colic, cramps and nausea, minimizes risk of blood clots by providing blood-thinning, lowers cholesterol and prevents heart disease and stroke.

Another one of our Private Label Supplements, Adult Multi, offers a range of important vitamins that may be lacking in your regular diet - Vitamins C, B-12, A, D and E - as well as Riboflavin and Niacin, among other ingredients. Adult Multi provides essential nutrients that are sometimes lacking in a normal diet, promotes mental balance, increases energy levels, ensures overall health and radiance and facilitates a better physical reaction to external stress.

You will find that Private Label Supplement has a wide range of products to help in all aspects of male health.