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Private Label Supplement GMP Protection Program

GMP Protection Program - Private Label SupplementPrivate Label Supplement, Contract Vendor Liaison to GMP manufacturing providers in the Dietary Supplement, Private Label Skincare industries, and leading supplement marketing firm, has selected REJIMUS, a distinguished regulatory management consulting firm, to provide comprehensive QA/QC and regulatory support for its prestige clientele. Clients seeking rapid time-to-market for their products with the minimal overhead investment will have immediate access to a ready-qualified supply chain and documentation required by the FDA per the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) while safeguarding dietary supplement compliance.

There has been increased attention focused on companies that primarily use retail websites such as Amazon or eBay to sell dietary supplements, not only due to the rapid growth of these new online sales opportunities but because of the perceived possibility of quality and compliance issues being overlooked by younger companies with fewer resources. In fact, regulatory issues affect all companies in the Dietary Supplement and Skincare industries, including well-known or “name brands," regardless of their size and sales channels. The partnership between Private Label Supplement and REJIMUS bridges the gap in devoted resources, allowing our smaller brands to compete with our more established ones.

Furthermore, the relationship between Private Label Supplement and REJIMUS goes a step beyond GMP standards by providing an additional level of technical representation on behalf of our Clients while maintaining dietary supplement compliance along the supply chain. Contact Private Label Supplement to learn more about how our unique services will save you time and money.