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Weight seems to be the abiding health preoccupation of our age. Open up any newspaper, website or glossy magazine and the chances are that you will either be confronted about diets or weight loss or stumble upon a photograph of a celebrity with an hourglass figure. Although some media coverage may verge on the vacuous, the fact is that one's weight plays a very important role in our general health.

Allow yourself to gain weight dramatically - or even lose weight too quickly as part of a crash diet - and you could be endangering your health. That is why we all have to monitor our weight carefully, shunning immoderate weight loss programs but being sensible about our diet and being vigilant about not allowing ourselves to gain too many pounds.

Just two capsules a day of Apple Cider Vinegar 1250 mg will help you to shed weight quickly at a manageable level. Straight Apple Cider Vinegar is a safe and effective supplement that helps to lower high cholesterol as well as tackle unwanted pounds. Mangosteen 500 mg has a similar effect but targets belly fat and increases metabolism. And just two softgels of Tonalin® 2600 mg every day will help you to burn fat quickly and safely and decrease the number and size of fat cells.

Those really wanting to get back to nature may choose African Mango Complex, a supplement that contains African Mango extra, a proven purgative. Separate studies in 2005, 2008 and 2009 demonstrated that the intake of African Mango results in greater weight-loss, body-fat loss and an improvement in blood pressure. Similarly, two capsules of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract every day help to promote weight loss while keeping your energy levels high and are known to regulate hunger in the body. Additionally, studies show they speed up fat burning in the body.

These are just a few of the supplements that are offered to help you lose weight as part of a healthy, nutritious diet and generous water intake. Supplementation should never replace the basics of healthy food intake, 8 hours of sleep, and leading a healthy lifestyle.  However, there are many times when crazy lifestyles can be augmented with the advancements we've seen over the last few decades in this arena with all the encouraging documentation and clinical studies being published.  A healthy balance of both is always your best bet.