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It’s no secret to any supplement retailer that skincare products are always hot. In fact, they have experienced a steady and sustainable growth over the years. If you are looking to capitalize on the sale of skincare supplements, there are numerous products you can sell, such as private label cellulite creams, hyaluronic acid serums, and acne creams. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular products in these categories.

The Firming Cellulite Cream is among Private Label Supplement’s bestsellers. It is made using a unique combination of herbal and seed extracts with proven skin-firming properties along with collagen, a long-known ingredient used in battling cellulite. The cream, which also contains salicylic acid,  benefits the skin in other ways, too – by making it firmer and smoother – and is known for its quick results.

Another product that enjoys great popularity is our Instant Firmness Hyaluronic Acid SerumThe main active ingredient, hyaluronic acid, has a strong reputation for being able to handle dry and sagging skin. The acid is frequently touted for its anti-aging properties, too, as it is known to minimize the appearance of neck and face wrinkles.

Finally, Acne Control Moisturizer is a skincare cream that’s always popular with younger audiences and people with troublesome skin. The product is used for acne spot treatment and its anti-inflammatory properties promote faster skin regeneration. Thanks to its combination of active ingredients, it also ensures that skin breakouts don’t turn into permanent imperfections.

Here at Private Label Supplement, we offer a wide range of skincare products and supplements to satisfy any of your clients’ needs.  If we don't offer them on our website we can make any product for you as a Custom Formula.