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The link between nutrients and overall health is well documented. Professional sportspeople, however, operate on a different regime from the rest of us and their diet needs special monitoring. In fact, the dietary requirements of professional athletes has become a science in itself. If your sport is your profession, then you will be exercising and training every day and examining your diet rigorously.

A daily intake should provide enough energy and nutrients to meet the demands of training and exercise, enhance adaptation and recovery between training sessions, and enable the athlete to achieve optimal body weight and body fat levels for performance.

Most experts now agree that a professional athlete's diet should include a wide variety of foods like wholegrain breads and cereals, vegetables (particularly leafy green varieties), fruit, lean meat and low-fat dairy products. There is also general agreement that athletes should cut down on eating fatty foods such as fried foods, chips and cakes and rely instead on the intake of fat from olive oil, nuts and avocados and that most of an athlete's energy should come from carbohydrates.

Apart from diet, however, there are some supplements that will help professional athletes to develop and maintain muscle strength and fitness. Try our Pre-workout Drink, which contains substances such as creatine (in two of its varieties) which help supply the body with energy, especially the muscles and Beta-alanine, a beta amino acid, which increases muscular work and has a fatigue decreasing effect.

One scoop of Pre-workout Formula, containing 5 G Glutamine, 5 G Arginine HCL and 3 G Creatine per serving, will boost your energy pre-workout and increase strength during workout. Those athletes who need to build up muscle could try Double Muscle Gainer, Amplified Muscle Gainer or Extreme Muscle Gain - the latter leading the category for muscle gain with an average gain of 12 pounds solid muscle after use of one bottle.

Private Label Supplement also has other products to boost your overall energy levels and stamina, including Testosterone Triple Boost which contains numerous substances known to increase testosterone levels. Athletes concerned about eliminating body fat may like to try Energy Build + Burn Fat, four capsules a day which help burn fat, increase weight loss and endurance and accelerate the metabolism.