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Menopause is a term frequently bandied about these days - sometimes in rather flippant terms - for example, when used to describe a "menopausal mid-life crisis".

Perhaps the term should be used less liberally and more authoritatively. Strictly, it is the period in a woman's life when her monthly menstruations have come to an end. This mid-life phenomenon, which typically affects women in their forties or fifties, marks the end of female fertility. The transition from a potentially reproductive period to a non-reproductive one stems from changes in female hormonal production by the ovaries.

The process is usually far from sudden and is an inevitable result of aging. In some cases, however, menopause is accompanied by mood changes and other symptoms that can be disruptive. Most commonly, a woman may experience periods of listlessness. Occasionally, anxiety and depression, as well as hot flashes and heart palpitations, are also reported.

Private Label Supplement can offer an array of products that are designed to correct the hormonal imbalance associated with menopause. For example, just two capsules a day of Thyroid Support, apart from maintaining thyroid health and balancing thyroid functionality, can counteract menopausal symptoms. They also provide anti-inflammatory properties and boost energy levels. Another supplement, Thyroid Support Complex, increases thyroid endurance and evenly disperses hormone support.

Private Label Supplement also has a wide range of other products that have a multitude of uses but are also helpful in easing the side effects of menopause. These include Calcium & Magnesium, as well as a whole host of supplements containing Vitamin D. We also produce DHEA (in 50 mg or 25 mg) which boosts sexual arousal in women, counteracts depression and can diminish some of the symptoms of lupus.