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About Private Label Supplement

cGMP Private Label Food Supplement Contract Manufacture and deliver quality beyond FDA standards of testing, protocol and process. Our Clients tell us they feel we treat them as well as their closest friends and family. See why others have trusted our company to manufacture their high quality supplements.

Who We Are:

Our CEO, Stefani Thionnet, and her team of Chemists have more than 70 years’ experience in the Nutraceutical, Health, Fitness and Beauty Industry. We use this experience to create individualized and quality supplement products that people can feel good about selling, knowing they are of the best quality and efficacy. Stefani Thionnet is a hands on CEO who loves her clients; a day does not go by that she does not touch one of our clients directly. We believe we’re in the people business, and we will do all we can to make sure that your supplement products are the ones you had in mind when you started with an idea on the drawing board.

We stand behind our word and make it happen. Private Label Supplement offers proactive, honest communication to each and every Client. We don’t say no; we accommodate your needs. We keep things simple, easy and focus on what’s most important- you. This is what makes us one of the best. Our personal service and our simple approach means that your product will be the best it can be, and your experience will be even better.

What We Do:

Contract Manufacture Private Label Vitamins, Supplements, Weight Management, Skincare, Firming Cellulite Cream, Acne Control, Hyaluronic Acid, Sports Nutrition, Garcinia Cambogia HCA 60%, Raspberry Ketones, Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract, Testosterone Boosters, Preworkout Powders, Muscle Builders, Creatine Stacks, Herbs, Antioxidants, Glutathione, Minerals, NutraCosmetics, CoQ-10, Fish Oils, Sexual Health, Anti-aging, Memory Support, Whole Food Multivitamin's and more. We offer several delivery systems to best suit your needs- capsules, softgels, powders, tablets, liquids and chewable tablets. We also provide over 400 Stock Private Label Formulas to choose from. Custom formulas quoted within 72 hours.

Whatever kind of health line you are looking to create we can help you. We have the experience and talent to make supplement products to your exact specifications. No other company will create your products the way we do. We specialize in Domestic and International business; no client is too far away.

Challenge us to beat your current pricing- 99% success rate. Welcome all levels of clients; love to grow all levels of business together. Realistic turn times. Our Clients appreciate the respect we give to your deadlines. We offer an on-going Client relations program with 100% confidentiality. Whatever your supplement product line goals are, we can help you achieve them.

Added Value:

  • Flexible minimums; 1000 bottles in most cases.
  • Pricing established to maximize your margins.
  • Realistic and reliable turnaround times.
  • Immediate access to ready qualified supply chain & documentation required by FDA per GMP while safeguarding dietary supplement compliance.
  • We offer a one of a kind protection in the industry by performing contract manufacturer facility audits which are required of you per GMP requirements.  This offer saves you $10,000 per supplier on an annual basis at minimum.
  • Custom Logo Creation and Design Services including 3D Renderings.
  • Innovative custom label design following FDA guidelines.
  • Superior quality, high-gloss label printing.
  • Packaging options include plastic HDPE & PET bottles, glass bottles, sticks, single dosage, blister packs and packettes.
  • Traditional Branding- from concept to evolution
  • Web Services- Website hosting, company email and more
  • Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Online Promotions.
  • Distribution Channel- training outlet resources for Amazon; multi-channel distribution introductions
  • Translation Services – website, marketing materials, any print material
  • Financial Planning
  • Merchant Services referral with exceptional service and nominal fees.  Very flexible.  Personal service.
  • Product Fulfillment- lowest price in market while specializing in domestic and international supplement and vitamin fulfillment.
  • Complimentary Certificate of Insurance offered to all Clients.
  • If we don’t offer it; just ask.