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Healthy Reward Senior Endurance Soft Chew For Dogs 4 gm

Private Label Supplement's Dog Soft Chew Category is formulated without ingredients derived from wheat, corn, or gumming agents and no added sugar or salt. We private label and manufacture all of our pet supplements for our Clients in the USA with US and imported ingedients. We use as many nutritionally valuable ingredients possible in all of our private label pet formulas to prolong the years we have with our dogs. We value our dogs as much as you and your customers do.

What makes our Private Label Dog Soft Chew Category production process unique and beneficial to our beloved end user is the proprietary no-heat process we use to curate our Private Label Dog Soft Chews. This process maintains the ingredient integrity and quality; therefore, the dog fully benefits from the initial nutritional value of the raw materials used in manufacturing the products. This is not the norm in most manufacturing techniques. The end result is a delicious heart-shaped or rectangular Private Label Dog Soft Chew to share with your dog as a treat, in training, during their meal, or just as a bonding experience with your pet.  This unique manufacturing process also avoids unnecessary mold and yeast (no water) you often find in many soft chew formulas during your dog's consumption of the product.  We avoid this huge issue altogether.  And, our product packs well during transit.

Private Label Supplement also allows for the lowest MOQ's in the pet industry with the most unique, efficacious Dog Soft Chew manufacturing method.  Private Label Supplements Dog Soft Chew formulas have the unique ability to customize your own flavor profiles based on your formula.  Everything about our Private Label Dog Soft Chew Supplements well surpass the industry standard from a quality, technology, and product innovation standpoint.  All of these areas will ensure your brand stands out within your selected points of distribution and support your online marketing, social media and sell through efforts.

Private Label Supplement's Dog Soft Chews are currently available in 15 different Natural Flavors.

Customize your flavor by combining any two variations. 13 different formulas, 221 different products waiting for you to create as your own private label soft chews under your brand name.


  • Organic Turmeric - Antioxidant, Anti-swelling, helps relieve stiff joints, aids in healthy digestion; increases overall activity in dogs
  • Black Pepper - Facilitates nutrient absorption by dramatic amounts
  • Vitamin E (tocopherols) - Acts as an Antioxidant protecting your dog against free radicals, help in Anti-swelling situations, inhibition of platelet aggregation, and Immune enhancement
  • Yucca Schidigera - Known to be helpful as far back as Native American’s using this herbal remedy for relief of stiff joints
  • Cod Liver Oil - Source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids (EPA and DHA) contains relatively high amounts of Vitamin A & D (compared to other fish oils); plays important role in maintaining healthy bones
  • High quantities of 3 proven Joint Support ingredients- PurForMSM®, Glucosamine HCL (30% more concentrated that Glucosamine Sulfate), and Chondroitin Sulfate
  • Green Lipped Mussel - Has been shown to be critical for building bones and cartilage; known as a superfood because of its rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, Omega-3 fats, antioxidants, enzymes, and many more nutrients
  • Egg Shell Meal is a natural form of Collagen and Calcium that will help coat the joints of your pet as it ages
  • Strength of combined ingredients work synergistically from an antioxidant approach for a longer, healthy lifespan of your dog
  • Power of Wellness with Antioxidants for all ages of dogs
  • Manufactured with a no heat process to maintain ingredient efficacy your beloved animal gains the maximum benefit from the nutrients used in our exclusive formula
  • Provides a flavorful, nutritious treat your dog enjoys while maintaining its health and may increase the longevity of its lifespan
  • Extensive Research & Development focused on palatability, mouth feel, size, efficacy and stability
  • R&D occurs blindly in retail pet store environment sampling to confirm palatability; with results totaling an astounding 90+% positive reaction
  • Nutrients in a soft chew form provide a bonding experience for the dog and dog owner compared to tablets, capsules and powders

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Active Ingredients:

Product Facts

Active Ingredients per: 2 Soft Chews (8 grams)

Chews per Container: 90, 120

Amount Per Serving

Organic Turmeric 600 mg
Glucosamine HCl (Shellfish Source) 500 mg
PurforMSM® (Methylsulfonylmethane) 325 mg
Green Lipped Mussel 250 mg
Chondroitin Sulfate (Porcine Source) 160 mg
Cod Liver Oil 100 mg
Yucca Schidigera 55 mg
Black Pepper 40 mg
Egg Shell Meal (Source of Collagen) 20 mg
Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol acetate) 20 IU

Marketing Points

No Added: Corn, Wheat, Gumming Agents, Artificial Colors, Sugar or Salt. Label claims can be made.

Grain-Free Formula Options Available.

3rd Party Marketing & Structure/Function Claim Testing Available for: Dairy, Soy & Fatty Acid Profile - (where applicable). Inquire with your Sales Manager for details on the process.

No heat process maintains ingredient integrity.

Made in the USA of US and Imported Ingredients.

Private Label Supplement offers you your own Lot Number; that means we make every order fresh for every Client.  We don't let your product sit on a shelf and ship after your product has started living out its shelf life.  We make it fresh for you when you place your order.  As a seller, it is important to limit the amount of transit time for your product as much as possible.  Make sure you are not purchasing from someone who is having the product made at a manufacturer and then sent to another location to have it labeled and then sent to your final destination.  This is especially essential when it comes to Soft Chews more than most delivery systems as Soft Chews are much more delicate.  If they are doing this, you also run the risk of losing part of your 18 months of the shelf life, as your product could have been sitting at the second facility for a lengthy period of time.  As a Seller, you need to have the product in hand as close to the manufacturing date as possible in order to sell your end user the freshest possible product.  Soft Chews have a shorter shelf-life than most traditional supplements like a capsule or tablet. If you are having your Soft Chews turned around in a few days then you are not getting the freshest possible product; nor are you benefiting from your own Lot #.

There are a few different strategies you can take to manage your stock. You can speak one on one with your Sales Manager about the best strategy for your business.  We have a support staff who manages your order throughout the process from the day you decide to place the order to the day it delivers at its final destination.  Finding your stride with new products and what your actual sell through on a daily, weekly and monthly basis is without heavily promoted numbers in the mix is a challenge in the beginning.  We do our best to streamline as much as we can; however, you don’t want to work with a manufacturer that is going to compromise the quality of your product for the sake of getting it out the door.  Product consistency and quality is crucial to your brands long-term success.

Your end user will benefit tremendously with all the benefits Private Label Supplement has to offer you as our Client.  Not to mention, you can always create your own Custom Formula with the same turnaround times.  And, of course, Private Label Supplement exclusively offers our GMP Protection Program which saves you $7,000- $10,000 per year, per product and you won’t find that savings anywhere else.  Compliance coverage at no cost to you and compliance of GMP’s that apply to you as an Own Label Distributor.

Special Note

Custom Bottle Counts:

90 Soft Chews     (SJ5474-90)      19 oz Bottle

120 Soft Chews   (SJ5474-120)     25 oz Bottle (shown below)

Ask Your Sales Manager for Details.

Dog's Wt. # Chews
0-25 lbs. 2 Chews
26-50 lbs. 3 Chews
51-75 lbs. 4 Chews
75+ lbs. 5 Chews

Flavor: Bacon, Blueberry, Carob, Carrot, Cheese, Chicken, Coconut, Cranberry, Duck, Maple, Peanut Butter, Salmon, Sweet Potato, Turkey, Veggie
Product Usage: Start with one (1) chew at meal or playtime. Work up to the individual serving based on the weight of your dog. Do not exceed two (2) servings per day.
Bottle Count: 90, 120
Form: Bone, Circle, Daisy, Gear, Half Circle, Heart, Horseshoe, Moon, Peanut, Round, Star, Square
Form Size: 4 Grams
Serving Size: 2 Soft Chews (8 Grams)
Servings per Container: Based on Weight of Dog(s)
Bottle Size: Soft Chew 120 Count
(hover over magnifying glass for bottle size)
Soft Chew 120 Count
Bottle/Lid Color: White HDPE or Dark Amber PET Bottles/White or Black Ribbed or Smooth Lids
Product Code: SJ5474-90 SJ5474-120
Product Type: Soft Chews
Category: Pet Supplement, Anti-swelling, Pet Supplement Soft Chew 4 gm for Dogs

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