Spring Cleaning: 3 Bundle Offers to Boost Your Sales

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Bundle your products in an appealing way, so they look more like a gift basket rather than a discounted package.

Bundling products to boost sales is a decades-old marketing concept. Throughout the years, marketing specialists have found that two types of bundling seem to be the most commonly used strategies, but you have to apply them judiciously due to their specific requirements:

  • Pure Bundling: two or three products or services are available only in a bundle
  • Mixed Bundling: the consumer can purchase the products or services in a bundle or separately

Evidence suggests that the mixed bundle is more effective in terms of expected sales and profits. In fact, research shows that using only pure bundling would reduce sales by over 20%. Specialists advise that pure bundling is effective when done with products that fall into the same category and are of equal value. A successful example is the formula buy one get one 50 % off, or get the third one free.

In a study called Profitability of Product Bundling, sponsored by Columbia University, the authors confirm that mixed bundling is successful when a small discount is added to the sum of the individual prices of the products in the bundle. This will reduce the company’s profit from customers who had purchased the two or three items in the bundle separately, but increase the profit from those who switch from purchasing one only product to purchasing all products at once.

The study concludes that when a company sells more than two products, bundling leads to a higher profit. However, it all depends on how the consumer perceives the value of the products comprising the bundle, which is often hard to predict.


Why Bundle Products?


  1. Clients Appreciate a Good Bargain: Think of consumers’ perception of savings when it comes to bundle offers. Even if you discount selected products, buyers more readily perceive additional savings when the discount items are included in a bundle. A good bargain always brings clients satisfaction.
  2. Promote a New Supplement: Bundle offers are perfect if you want to promote a new supplement. The rest of the products in the bundle could enhance the characteristics of that product, and bring your customers convenience and further satisfaction.
  3. Expedite Seasonal Items: Instead of slashing prices dramatically, visualizing the sale with red lines across the original price, why not offer a bundle of your seasonal supplements that otherwise may be lying on the shelves for a long time? Again, you make your customers happy because of the good purchase for a great price.


Which Products Should You Bundle Together?


Bundling private label supplements can be done thematically, so to speak. Now that spring is upon us, there are three categories of supplements that will be in the spotlight: sports, weight management, and body & skincare.

As the weather improves, people are more inclined to go jogging outside or engage in outdoor sports activities after being cooped up inside all winter. At the same time, when we start peeling off all of our winter layers, many of us become pretty self-conscious of our bodies. So now is also the best time to start promoting your weight management supplements. And to complete the feel-good, look-good package, you can offer a body and skincare bundle in the budding spring and upcoming summer.

At Private Label Supplement, we are very much aware of the seasonal customer demand. Not only that, but we’re happy to suggest three bundle offers that will not only make your customers happy, but will also be a great success for your business:


#1 Sports Nutrition Bundle


Use this bundle of private label Pre-Workout product, private label Post Workout product and private label Meal Replacement shakes to promote a full workout cycle, from preparation to recovery.

Your bundle offer can include a Pre-Workout Drink, a Post Workout Formula and Meal Replacement Protein Powder. These three products support and complement a full workout cycle, from preparation to recovery.

The Pre-Workout Drink helps with endurance and muscle mass gain when taken regularly. It’s perfect for heavily-training athletes, bodybuilders and weightlifters. The drink contains:

  • creatine for extra muscle energy
  • beta-alanine for fatigue decreasing effect
  • glutamine for protein synthesis and cellular energy

Intensive exercise induces oxidative stress on muscles, and this drink can also help reduce these levels. For after their workout, offer your customers the Post Workout Formula which helps with total body recovery and minimizes muscle pain.

The Meal Replacement Protein Powder – the last part to the bundle – is rich on protein and helps curtail carb intake. Using it to replace a regular meal not only replenishes the body with all necessary vitamins and minerals, but also helps with weight management and with shedding those extra pounds, if needed. The powder meal increases energy levels and boosts the immune system.


#2 Weight Management


Promote your products as a successful weapon to fight obesity with this bundle of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract and Saffron Extract, private label HCG and Omega 3.

It shouldn’t take much effort to convince your potential customers that obesity is among the main killers of our nation. Research links unhealthy amounts of body fat to diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure, to name a few. Strenuous diets often have no effect, or if they do, it’s temporary and the lost weight is easily regained.

Private Label Supplement has a great variety of products you can combine to combat obesity and the resulting low self-esteem and self-confidence.

A particularly effective bundle would include HCG Hormone FreePure Green Coffee Bean Extract and Saffron Extract, and Omega 3 Fish Oil + Co-Q10. These supplements complement each other for the best possible result.

HCG doesn’t contain any hormones, but instead has substances derived from plants such as Rhodiola, Prunus, and Astragalus. This supplement not only leads to permanent weight loss, but it regulates blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

As for the other components of the bundle, taken individually, both the Green Coffee Bean and Saffron Extract are powerful substances. Dr. Oz, however, has claimed that combined, these two ingredients work wonders. Both have the capacity to regulate hunger, speed up fat burning, and reduce the levels of stress, even depression, which are among the main reasons for overeating. A study indicates that based on a 2,400 calorie diet, if taken for 12 straight weeks, the green coffee extract can reduce body weight by 10%. Both ingredients are also natural antioxidants.

The Omega 3 Fish Oil hardly needs elaborate presentation – it can be used in preventive care and as an effective treatment of many ailments. It has always been a best-seller. You can promote it as a supplement for the overall well-being of your customers and as an invaluable part of their daily diet.


#3. Skincare


This beauty bundle including private label Firming Cellulite Cream , private label Body Butter and private label Hyaluronic Acid will surely bring your business the success it seeks.

Why not consider this strong combination of these three feel-good products: Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Shea Body Butter and Firming Cellulite Cream?

The best-seller in this bundle offer is Hyaluronic Acid Serum. It has powerful anti-aging properties and it helps with skin hydration and the healing of acne scars and facial wrinkles. It is famously known as the “fountain of youth,” loaded with multiple vitamins and antioxidants to give skin a fresh and vibrant look.

Another component of this skincare bundle can be Shea Body Butter. This is a natural skin moisturizer with Vitamins A, E and F, and Aloe Vera. The butter is a product that provides many benefits such as thorough protection from environmental and oxidative damage; it also helps minor injuries, such as bruises and sores, heal faster. After continuous use, skin becomes smooth, elastic and glowing.

And the third part of this package can be the Firming Cellulite Cream. With swimsuit season approaching quickly, you can offer the cream as a beauty enhancer. Emphasize its natural plant ingredients – Rose Hip Seed Oil, Guarana seed extract, Castor Oil and other essential oils – all of which help smooth out and firm up skin. The Cellulite Cream can also help with the treatment of dermatitis, acne, and eczema.




Your private label supplements can be combined in many different ways as long as you are clear about what your customers really need. Listen closely to what questions they’re asking, what kind of pain points tend to repeat during the different seasons, and what your best-selling products are. Have one best-seller in every bundle offer.

However, don’t forget what various studies indicate – customers like to be able to buy desired bundle products individually. Don’t deny them that option.

We at Private Label Supplement can assist in creating unique labels and packaging for your bundle offers, all in compliance with the FDA labeling guidelines. We can also help you design your one-of-a-kind brand name and logo, as part of your successful marketing strategy. Take advantage of our expertise, acquired after decades spent in the supplement industry.

Call us now to order! The bundle offers suggested above are time-sensitive. So be prepared to cater to your customers’ demand when the sunny weather comes around.

All my best,
Stefani Thionnet
Stay focused and never give up!

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