The Ethics of Supplement Retail and Advertising | Stefani Thionnet at Natural Products INSIDER

Stefani Thionnet, owner & CEO of Private Label Supplement, has been featured at Natural Products INSIDER with her latest article. Titled ‘Ethics of Supplement Retail and Advertising‘ the article explores the ethical dimensions of having a private label supplement business.

After broadly outlining these dimensions, Stefani goes on to list particular and practical suggestions for the application of ethics in supplement advertising. Since advertising and communication with one’s community are one of the main venues where businesses can exercise ethical behavior, it is important that they do so in a consistent and coherent way.

The ethical guidelines offered to supplement retailers are presented in an open form, rather than as a fixed set of rules that are to be implemented. Hence, their true purpose is to guide retailers in their day-to-day decisions, rather than provide them with final answers.

To find out more, download the full article here.


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