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In a short time, Pinterest has gone from a social media upstart to a heavy-hitter in the online world. In the first half of 2012 alone, Pinterest usage grew by 4,000% and it now drives as much traffic as Twitter and Google. Today, the site boasts over a million users and over 12 million unique page views per month.

As far as getting your content on Pinterest and using the site to drive sales of your private label supplements, it lives up to the hype. Pinterest is perfectly suited for social commerce because the image-based site combines attractive design with social interactivity. People interested in health and fitness are able to easily navigate material related to those topics, and share great content with others. If you want to reach these interested people, here is how you can optimize your content for Pinterest so you can boost your private label supplements sales.


The Basics



First, some basic rules about how Pinterest works: Pinterest allows users to share content by “pinning” it to “boards.” Users usually create boards based on distinct subjects or areas of interest, like one for beautiful photos of beaches and another for cute animals. A user interested in health might have one board for fitness, and another for the supplements that power their healthy lifestyle. This is the sort of user who’ll be searching for your products, and Pinterest makes it easy for them as long as you optimize your content.


Making Your Private Label Supplements Business Pinterest-Friendly


The first step to using Pinterest to drive sales is to make your business Pinterest-friendly. Your private label supplements site will already have attractive photos of your products, so make it easy for your satisfied customers to get the word out! There are three main buttons you should be using to do this:

#1 The “Pin It” Button for your browser: On your Pinterest page, you’re not only selling — you’re also finding images that curate a lifestyle. Pinterest is a community, and people who follow you want to see interesting images beyond just great new products.

So, if you find something worth sharing, it should be easy to Pin It for your followers. By adding a “Pin It” button to your browser, you can easily share inspiring things that you find across the web. Download the Pin It button directly from the Goodies page on Pinterest’s website.

#2 The “Follow Me” Button for your website: Pinterest’s Goodies page also has a button that lets people begin to Follow you on Pinterest directly from your website. Seamlessly bring your website into the Pinterest community by adding this button. It allows interested visitors to easily see all of your Pins, without leaving your website.

#3 The “Pin It” Button for specific products: Customers searching for great new health and fitness supplements will most likely be looking for specific products. When they find something that looks appealing, they’ll want an easy way to hold onto it.

Adding a Pin It button to individual products is the easiest way to turn your fans into brand evangelists. When they Pin your product to one of their boards, all their followers see it in turn. This simple button allows your products to get shared with the constellation of like-minded users throughout Pinterest. This helpful walkthrough on Shopify tells you several ways that you can install this indispensable button.


Pinterest Best-Practices


Once you’ve added the buttons and widgets that you need, you’ve gone a long way towards optimizing your business for Pinterest. In order to drive sales, you have to make a compelling Pinterest page to sustain interest.

Remember that Pinterest is a community, so you’re appealing to people with a similar set of interests. You’re looking for people with an interest in health and wellbeing, so appeal to these as well: don’t just share images of the private label supplements you offer, but paint a picture of a healthy lifestyle. Health isn’t just supplements, but a whole lifestyle–your Pinterest can reflect that.

Beyond the images that you pick, there are other ways to attract interest from your prospective customers. You can make your Pinterest followers feel special by offering discounts or exclusive previews of upcoming products. Encourage them to pin and share testimonials or pictures of themselves using your products, and pin and share these in turn.


Get on Pinterest to Grow Your Business


Involve yourself in the Pinterest community, and you’ll encourage your customers to share your product with others. If you take these steps, you will optimize your business for one of the web’s most-popular social sharing sites and reap the benefits.

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