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DHEA Supplements: A Powerful Tool For Finding Balance

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Hormones are some of the most powerful substances in the body’s complex chemistry. Think of them as the regulators of the human body, making sure everything is as it’s supposed to be. But of course, hormones change throughout life, whether from natural aging or from a specific condition. The results can be devastating in a huge variety of ways. For this reason, maintaining hormone levels is vital for maintaining good health and a great selling point for DHEA 25 mg supplements.


What Exactly Is DHEA?


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Several of the most important hormones the body produces begin as a basic hormone called DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). Produced in the adrenal glands, DHEA goes on to transform itself into the male and female sex hormones testosterone and estrogen. DHEA levels peak in one’s mid-20s before steadily declining. But DHEA levels don’t decline only because of age. Poor nutrition and stress cause the adrenal glands to have to work overtime producing a variety of other hormones like cortisol and adrenaline instead of DHEA. This can drastically influence DHEA levels and lead to feelings of exhaustion and depression.

While the body produces DHEA naturally, the hormone can also be derived from nature. By taking some compounds found in yams and soy and synthesizing them in a laboratory, it’s possible to produce DHEA in supplement form. These supplements can be used to restore proper DHEA levels in the body and thereby address the varied symptoms such imbalances cause. So can’t a person just increase their DHEA levels by eating yams and soy? Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The process of extracting the hormone from these plants requires synthesis in a laboratory. Eating yams or soy has no effect on DHEA levels whatsoever.

Because of the complexity of this hormone, it’s being studied intensely by researchers around the world, but we do know some important things at the moment.


The Benefits of DHEA


The two best understood benefits of DHEA at this moment are those related to aging skin and depression. By telling the body to increase the thickness of the skin’s outer layer of hydration, DHEA can help improve the look and feel of skin for the elderly. This is done by offsetting the effects of declining hormone levels that result from aging.

For depression, a recent review of studies showed that DHEA may provide significant improvements in symptoms. In particular, DHEA appears to have been helpful in addressing depression symptoms which were resistant to many other treatments. So while the precise causes of this link are still being studied — both depression and the hormone DHEA are incredibly complex — these studies are showing some very positive trends.

Some other interesting examples of the many uses of DHEA supplements include studies linking them to beneficial changes in allergies, cardiovascular problems, inflammatory bowel disorders, senescence, infertility, and vaginal atrophy. A 2014 article reviewing the research up to that point emphasized the positive trends in research for all of these conditions and the excitement centered around the beginning of many large-scale randomized trials studying the benefits of DHEA. With so much new research and findings, it’s clear DHEA a supplement to watch going forward.


Tips For How Your Customers Should Use DHEA


Proper usage of DHEA is particularly important for your customers to obtain the proper benefits from the supplement, so informing them is a necessity. Dosage should be decided upon with the help of a doctor depending on current DHEA levels, age, gender, particular conditions the person wants to address, etc. In addition, DHEA interacts with a variety of drugs and health conditions. This is another reason to ensure it’s taken in conjunction with things like diet, exercise, or therapy to address a particular set of symptoms with the help of a doctor to make sure the supplement is most effective.

Many patients who’ve used DHEA with the help of their doctor have reported excellent improvements in their overall mood and energy levels. Harnessing the enthusiasm around these benefits into smart marketing campaign should bring excellent sales potential as the results of the previously mentioned long-term studies on DHEA come to light.


Sales Potential of DHEA


DHEA supplements are already very popular and have been taken by many Americans since they became available over-the-counter in 1995. But besides its current popularity, the numerous studies mentioned here investigating a variety of new potential uses tackling everything from allergies to infertility point to excellent long-term growth potential. All of this makes private label supplement DHEA an excellent product to begin carrying today.

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