African Mango Phenomenon

The U.S. media has shown the benefits of African Mango, after the health guru Dr. Oz has said that it can help patients very easy diet to lose weight fast and they called the “miracle drug for weight loss in your medicine cabinet”.

For those whom Dr. Oz is not a concept, he is chairman and professor of surgery at Columbia University. He is also a renowned author of over 400 books on the improvement of health. He has called his own television show on prime time, the aptly named Dr Oz Show. When he speaks America listens.

What is the African Mango?

The African Mango is similar in appearance to normal mangos. It is grown in Cameroon, West Africa and harvested.  It is also known under the name of Irvingia Gabonesis.

Although the outer skin and the soft pulp has a high nutritional value and is a great source of vitamins, it is the seeds (Irvingia Gabonesis seeds) that are of greatest interest in terms of losing weight.

Its been proven that the African Mango can help you lose weight quickly, safely and effectively.

Worldwide clinical trials in the past two decades, have found remarkable results. Many independent experiments have shownhen taken regularly African Mango helped participants lose up to 10-12 pounds in the first month – without major changes to their lifestyle and eating habits.

The main advantages include the following along:

  • Burns excess body fat
  • Suppresses the appetite and provides the feeling of being fuller faster
  • Provides additional natural energy in the body
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • No known side effects
  • 100% nautral

There were no significant side effects present – although pregnant women or nursing mothers should consult their physician before use.


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